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  • If i was a bird
    Hi guys,

    Back again with another little slam poetry. This one I wrote on a car long car ride scribbled on a 3 little pieces of paper. This one really has no real point but rather just displays what I was feeling and thinking, enjoy and replies are always appreciated! Big Grin

    If I was a bird

    If I was a bird I would fly! Fly and be free
    Look over this great world with pride!
    I would fly, but why fly?
    If I was a bird, a human, NAY! Any animal at all, what is it that I seek?
    Freedom… YES, FREEDOM!
    YES flying makes me free!
    Flying makes me free…
    Flying makes me free?
    If my wings, my feathers are hooked by the chains of responsibilities which hold me down while I fly in circles & circles & circles & circles…
    The how does fly make me free!?
    If the man who I call owner clamps my wings because he loves me, who is free?
    Me in this lonely cage of responsibilities?
    Or he in his white house!?
    Responsibilities are the devil!
    But not the devil which we should fear…
    Look that devil in the straight in the eye
    Don’t run, NAY! Don’t fly from your responsibilities…
    Face them and be better because of them
    Don’t let the responsibilities in life give you fear!
    Don’t let them scare you…
    Let them teach you and better you!
    If you never taste sour would you know what sweet tastes like?
    If I was a bird…
    I would not fly…
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