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  • Idiocracy of the Female Species on a Certain Chat Site *Hmm Hmm*
    Fellow Males, this will especially interest you.
    As children, we were taught to treat women with respect correct? Hold doors open, take off your hats, be polite, etc, etc etc... So, remembering how I was raised, I go to a certain anonymous chat site (For the sake of politeness, I will not name it)So I met a female, I say "Hello, how are you?" Three seconds later, disconnect. Here is what I have noticed:
    - That there are very few women on that site
    - That the few women on that site tend to disconnect almost immediately.
    - That the few women who do respond either:
    1) Disconecfct after a few minutes
    2) Are fake.
    So, this is my question: why do women not seem to respond positively to "old-school chivalry"? Is it the way kids (both sexes) are being raised? What is your thought?
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    Get a new chat site. If you say there are few on there, then the assumption is it isn't too popular among women so the few that are there don't intend to stay long. If you'd like, I can give you a couple places to try, I'm under the assumption you're looking to talk solely to women. If you're interested, dm me and I'll tell you

    Although, I can say that your last part about being raised differently is correct.
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