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    The past couple generations have been riddled with people claiming to have 'identity issues' and it's starting to piss me off. There are people calling themselves 'otherkin' that claim to identify as an animal, a dragon or some other bullshit like that. They have convinced themselves that they aren't human because of their longing for adventure and fantasy, and need to realize that their fantasy is NOT REAL. The term 'genderfluid' has been invented, which a person uses to say 'I'm whatever gender I want to be whenever I want to be'. The problem is that these people use this so-called 'genderfluidity' to fit situations in whatever way is best. It is NOT people switching between mental states, it's them trying to make their lives easier. There's even people saying that they are really 6, when they're 52 years old! I would say that I want people to grow up, but they can't really do that since most of them are already adults.

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