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  • Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones Thread)
    Definitely worth a read man.

    I started the first book with the intentions of reading a couple of chapters just to see if it was something I'd like and wound up reading the three available books (at the time) one after another.

    Then it was forever until Feast and then Dance seemed to take another eternity . . . then again maybe you shouldn't read them until that fatfuck finishes Tongue @System Folder

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I am so ready to read The Winds of Winter that I just reread this entire thread! If you haven't seen my recent thread about it, GRRM is reportedly working on getting it done now.

    Beg Hurry! Beg

    Martin Finally Going To Finish The Winds...
    Finally some good news about the next book...
    Nooice. Currently reading Fire & Blood. Smile

    Looking forward to the WofW audio and text.
    Tonght is the night, y'all! Spinning

    So, no spoilers, but the season premier last night was fucking awesome!

    I said that I was just going to wait and watch it today when I got home from work, but I couldn't. I was just afraid someone at work who had seen it would spoil something, so I, who usually goes to bed with the chickens, stayed up late to feed my obsession. Tongue

    Anyway, with only six more episodes until the series finale, I am already starting to miss this show preemptively. XD

    Here is the teaser trailer for next week:

    I've been busy with the forum, so I just now got to watch S08E02...it was pretty damned amazing!

    Of course, I am a huge fan, so I am biased, but still it was a great ride. Only five more episodes left...

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