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  • I really hate my roommate rant
    I'm so angry right now that I just made an account here so I could write my heart out so here goes. She is always talking behind peoples backs but hey everyone does that but that is just one of the things why I hate her. She is always prying in my relationships or trying to hook me up with random guys or her friends even as I told her repeatedly that I'm not single. Eats my stuff in secret and even one day she invited me some bread with jam she was eating and when I looked, it was MY bread and jam, I was just like "bitch why are you eating my things". Also our house cohabitation, she NEVER washes a dish or sweeps the floor or any kind of cleaning and when I ask her to, she just says "I'll do it in a moment" but that never happens, there was a time I, out of anger stopped cleaning and just washed the things I needed at the moment, and the house became a complete mess and she still didn't do shit, so yeah I cleaned yet again. But the thing that pisses me off the most is that, since we always do group proyects together, she always takes the easy parts, like writing an introduction for a report or everything that requires copy-pasting ands leaves all the calculations or analysis to me, and its always the most tedious or hard part, she just shrugs things off saying "I already helped a great deal!" but if I look closely, the things she did required a minimum effort or no effort at all. And today she did it again!! I told her that I was going to write the things she usually does for a change and she was okay with it, BUT, when I asked about her progress with the analysis part, she told me she had only written the introduction and all the other shit I asked to do, even as I had already stated that I had written it and sent it over to her by email!!!, right now she is refusing to help me again and I'm pissed as fuck!! I want to punch her in the face but she is not over (the weekends she goes to her family house thank the gods). These are the times I regret not being an assertive person the most. I don't know if she is gonna help me finish the proyect or what the hell but I needed to vent a little so AAAAAAAAAAGGGHGHGH FUCK YOU STEPHANIE I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!!
    aaaaah much better, gotta finish that thing bye
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    That sounds like an unfortunate situation. The most important lesson you can learn in life is that you only control yourself, not other people. So if she's lazy and acts that way and doesn't help on the project don't do projects with her any more. If she doesn't clean you might have to move out or get a new roommate. Or live alone. If you expect her to change you are going to be disappointed.
    what does stephanie look like? got pics?

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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