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  • I'm not in a relationship at all!
    This is what I'm starting to realise.
    Basic story is: met someone, hung out, found out they actually are based 8 timezones away, still had a crush, he occasionally comes back to my country (say past 1.X years 3 times?) and somehow this got increasingly serious, figured I'll take a break from my career to move a bit closer for a year and do some studies at the same time. Then we have arguments and I am beginning to find it increasingly difficult to get along with him. He thinks it's all fine and all, we're just floating along and so on, but I don't see a future in this at all. I want to break up, and then I have come to realise that we aren't even going out. Nevertheless, I guess this can be better for me since I won't have to say those little words.

    The mad Wolf rages on.
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