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  • I'm going to kill my Pothead Boyfriend.
    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years.

    And Needless to say, I am getting very tired of his antics. Quite frankly, everyone likes to think we're inseparable. And on most days, I do enjoy his company. But the frustrations are not worth it. The Basics:

    I'm very passive, and I keep to myself.
    He's very overpowering and pretty full of himself.

    During the last few months he's come to terms with some sort of illness. And I have been nothing but supportive. I can imagine since I too have something incurable. But how far does that kindness go? I'm tired of hearing the same sad stories of no one helps me out, I wish things were done for me. All I ever do is... Blah blah blah.

    But yesterday was the cherry on top. He and I work very long shifts, about 7-6. We don't actually get to see each other until later in the afternoon and even then it's still tense from work. But we had agreed that we wanted to have fun for the night and we should go down a friends house.

    PS. I can't drive and I'm over 21. (My HORRIBLE parents)

    So we were suppose to leave when we got home...
    But that immediately changed.
    "Actually it's closer to work if I leave from his house."
    "Well... alright then." I was sure we were on the same page but apparently not.
    I was way more interested in spending time together and that clearly went out the window. At this point, I'm irritated.

    So we get into the room and I lay down on the bed and get on facebook.
    "Could you help me pack?" He asked.

    So one, you're gonna throw our plans out the window and then ask me to help you pack? How about no.

    And you know, very politely I told him no.
    "well you aren't doing anything."

    At that point I think I blew a fuse. The hell? Initially I wanted to go, but because it's more convenient for him to just go that I didn't mind. Until he asked me to pack his clothes for him. Like naah.

    And I work 11 hour shifts 6 days a week. I do not complain although I do get very tired. Yet all he does is complain about working hard and having to drive so far way (which was his choice).

    I use to live in Philadelphia until I met him in college and when things were good we moved in together. But his 'reasoning' to going down his friends was so he could 'smoke and not worry.' Is it REALLY that important? That's really my question. Because clearly spending time in a committed relationship isn't.

    And I'm not saying I'm not at fault either. I'm waaaaay too passive for my own good. I've reached a point in my life where I don't know what fun for me to do anymore. That freedom seemed to wash away with all my stress involving my family. My family and I don't get along very well. My mother is extremely spiteful and petty. And I tend to find myself doing the same in my mind. It's really not what I want to do but it definitely feels like the right road to take.

    But I do not want to be like her, so I have become more passive to avoid that.
    I'm just here at work thinking about what my next move is. Honestly, I feel like moving back to Philadelphia. If he cannot see my worth over weed and his so called mooching friends then it's probably time I go.

    Aside from that I'm a petite cosplaying girl who likes video games, junk food and that sort of stuff. Anyone can relate? I could def use a friend.
    I've quickly ready your post. First off, Sorry you are so frustrated. I see your frustration oozing from my monitor HAHHAH.

    Second, I'm not so sure you're as passive as you say because it is bugging you. A really passive person would say fuck it and do whatever, but that's not the point.

    Advice I always give is take care of yourself first to make you happy. You're the only one who has to deal with yourself 24/7 365 days of the year. Get it? you'll drive yourself nuts.

    First thing to do for your happiness? GET YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE!!! MAKE YOURSELF INDEPENDENT from anyone. Jez, when I was pissed at a girl friend, I'd just drive and listen to music.. Your 21 now. if you don't already have it, time to get it...I'd say that's priority ONE.

    Eh, Don't worry about the pot smoking as much, My uncle is in is 60's...Came from the hippie generation, he smokes pot alot. If he's smoking to get away from his problems, that's fine, you should actually join him.

    If his pot smoking is a replacement to your relationship, remember what I said and take care of #1 Ditch the fucker... You're worth more than that.

    What do you look like? Go get someone who will please you...
    (This post was last modified: 05-14-2015, 09:23 PM by LZA.)
    Yes, someone who will "please" you...

    You realize that's practically every, in society's words, "stable" person out there right?

    This is EXACTLY what's going to become of this girl...

    She finds some guy.
    Guy spends his time works, talking to his other guy friends and having sex with her
    Guy spends an hour or less a day listening to her problems with "I understand" "yup" "you're right"
    They get married.

    And this is how they live all their life (when it comes to having kids, the wife becomes a huge nag). Why? Because women just want a guy that doesn't really talk to them, just spends some time with them and has sex with them. That's it.

    Anyways, it's all pretty pathetic to me but hey, who am I to judge? All these women are fucking happy and think they're going to go to heaven when they die and live with their husband their whole lives LOL... because you know, that is exactly how life is. Happy endings all day long, LOL WHEN YOU DIE YOU GO TO HEAVEN SO WHY DOES IT MATTER THAT YOU DIE HAHAHAHA YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE IN PARADISE LMFAO

    And to me, well that's pretty pathetic but hey, that's how 99% of families are.

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