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  • Rant I'm done, make of it what you want.
    I'm not the crazy one I might not talk a lot but that doesn't mean I'm stupid or that somethings wrong with me. I have a lot going on in my head and a lot to say.

    This post is dedicated to a group of people who have pissed me off. People who tried to lecture me on how to live my life correctly, while living their own empty and miserable lives. When I disagreed with them, they looked at me and treated me like I was some crazy person, even though they were the crazy ones.

    These are the ignorant shits who think that joining that rat race is a virtuous deed and are proud of it. While being mindless consumers constantly engaging in escapism. If you don't agree with them, they look at you like you are some dumb fucking fruit cake, while they are the ones being the fucking tools. They only talk but don't listen to what others have to say, telling you how to make your decisions.They look at others with disdain for being different, while they are living a pathetic meaningless lives. These arrogant dipshits think their education and social status make them good people. They think own the moral high ground and act like saints, seeing no bad in them but an infinite amount of it in others. While being really selfish attention whores and bragging on social media about whatever the fuck they just did or bought.

    They think they are living the good life, being able to buy whatever useless shit that is being marketed to us by these ads that follow us everywhere we go. So they need to keep working their shit jobs to keep buying shit until they are retired at 65. Ok, lovely, well now that they are sixty five they can finally "enjoy" their lives! Oh no wait... now they've got fucking arthritis, diabetes or/and heart disease (thanks to the food we consume and the way we live) and are dependent on their medication. All their good years are gone, they've missed out on life. They've just sold their lives to a shitty system, this badly designed social construct that alienates us from ourselves.

    To these people I'd like to say, from the bottom of my heart: You fucking worthless imbeciles, no one gives a fuck about you and what you have to say. You are only copies of each other coming from the same crappy template, you might look different and talk differently but shit also comes in different shapes and sizes and guess what at the end of the day shit's still shit.

    So FUCK You.
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    I know people that agree with your statement on escapism. Shit like movies and sports... Hell, coming on sites and posting is a form of escapism.

    People need to live and let live... Just because one thing works for you doesn't mean that it's everyone's cup of tea. Like they are religious nuts that witness to you that their life with whatever god they pray to is the only answer...

    you kinda placed the same judgement as they are onto you when you say "live their meaningless lives" . Maybe it's not meaningless to them. I agree with you on unhappy people trying to get you to go with them as misery loves company, or only do something because that's what one is supposed to do.

    It's all dynamic and revelent to the individual. Best advice I can give you is finding away to blow this shit off... It'll consume you if you don't


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