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  • I hate him.
    I love my husband, he has been the best thing to happen to my life. We have a wonderful little baby as well. Everything always feels amazing until his son comes to our home. This child is disgusting, always sick, misbehaved, not disciplined, has violent tendencies, has no interest to learn anything, and overall is a spoiled cry baby. I came into the relationship thinking that everything would go in to place smoothly, was I ever wrong. That child's mother is utter trash. She rather spend her child support money on marijuana versus on her child. She hates me. I have been in this relationship for over 5 years and have never seen the woman in person not said one word to her. 
    The mere existence of this child absolutely Burns a hole in my stomach. When he looks at me I cringe, when he talks I want to yell at him or ignore him. When my husband is paying attention to him, I want to glare at the child until he backs off. I hate it when my husband pays attention to that kid instead of our child. I didn't start feeling like this until my child was born. 
    I want that child out of my life. Only way for that to happen is too get rid of my husband. It is sad to say I want him to pick between me and our child and his son. I know it's wrong for me to feel the way I do, but I cannot help it. I will never do anything to mentally physically or verbally hurt that child. I just don't want him anywhere near me and my family.
    (04-24-2018, 12:50 AM)Qwertyuiop Wrote:  I will never do anything to mentally physically or verbally hurt that child.

    You mean other than hating it, glaring at it until you get all of its attention taken away, and splitting up from its step-sibling simply because you are jealous of its mother?

    You should be ashamed of yourself. That child isn't "disgusting"— it is a child and needs to be taught to be clean, mannerly, and such things or how will it learn? From its pothead mom? Nah.

    If you want to leave, then leave— but don't punish the kid because you don't like its mom.
    What he said ^. Also, could you be more selfish thinking about making him choose between you and his son? If you however do, I hope he is smart enough to not choose you.

    The kid is just that, a kid. Either you treat him like your own or you go away, the kid has no options here and you knew what you were getting into from the start.

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