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  • Rant I hate Estate Agents!!!
    I'm aware that Estate Agents have a reputation, however the agent I instructed to list my property is on another level.

    This agent works from home offer a competitive selling fee with no added commission. On the Agents website there are numerous listings with 'Sale Agreed, however don't be fooled!!

    The agent was overly friendly from the outset to hook me in, however I could see through the bullshit and went along with it anyway. Aren't they all like that

    I worked extremely hard to get my house ready to sell quickly and sold quickly it did. On the first viewing by a first time buyer. The buyer initially offered 5k lower, which I declined. The Agent then advised me, the buyer would return to their Broker to see if they could  borrow more. 4 days later the Agent told me the buyer could offer me the asking price, which I immediately accepted. Too good to be true, well yes today I found out it certainly was.

    Before I go on, I want to mention how much my overly friendly Agent changed, once she secured THAT sale. Liken to someone with a personality disorder or Jekl and Hyde.

    So yesterday I took a few hours off work to accomdate my buyers mortgage surveyor to survey my property. Today I received a call from the Agent to advise my property is overvalued and I shoukd consider reducing it wait for it 5k BACK to the original offer, which I declined. She was rude as hell to me. She claimed if I didn't then I would never be able to sell my property because buyers won't be able to get a mortgage on it. I've never heard something so ridiculous in my life. I refused to accept it or budge for that matter. I demanded she remove my lusting from her website.

    The truth of the matter is.
    This is a scam I believe she's been getting away with hence sale agreed on numerous properties. The buyers DID NOT GO BACK TO THEIR BROKER because they never had to in the first place. The Agent advised the buyer that I accepted the offer 5k under. That was the start of het scam, then the Agent waited for the surveyor to have been and gone, then here cones the second, her phone call to me telling me my house is overvalued and I should reduce back to the original offer, all the while the poor first time buyers are none the wiser. Her scam backfired on her, as I pulled out, cos 1 I could see right through and secondly I was lucky that I hadn't found another house to purchase, however if I had found the house of my dreams and instructed my solicitor to progress with my purchase, I probably would have been a victim of this disgusting scam and reduced by 5k in order not to loose my sale and purchase.

    How many people has she used this scam on. Absolutely despicable. I know she will be blaming me to the buyer. I wish they only knew.

    I hate Estate Agents!!!!!!
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    @Mistee, you are indeed lucky to have gotten out of that in one piece.

    Kudos to you for sticking to your guns! Yay

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