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    Pittsburgh Doctor Claims Antonio
    Brown Repeatedly Farted In His Face, Owes Him $11,500

    This clown... Calls his old coach a cracker, is accused of rape and now I read this.

    Quote:according to the NY Post, Dr. Prisk claims Brown repeatedly farted in his face and laughed about it during a consultation where he showed up three hours late.

    What a winner. BUt hey, If Michael Vick can be signed for animal abuse, and AB picked up by the Pats for general assery, I guess as long as you have skills you can get away with a lot of stuff...

    Kapernick... The fact that he only took a knee and doesn;t play just proves how bad he sucks... He's be playing if he was any good.
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    That's how you get pink eye. It would be fucked up because a doctor would lose a lot of money if he had to wait out an infectious affliction like that.

    By the way, I have never seen that guy before today and have no previous grudge(s) against him, but fuck that guy.
    I just heard of him recently too... He had issues when he was with the Raiders (where the "cracker" comment came out). HE was released but immediately picked up by New England. The fact that he's a Patriot just makes me hate him even more now...
    I guess there is a God after all... Took another accusation though.

    no description

    TBH, these preemptive strikes without his day in court sucks, but I guess its a sign of the times... I'm willing to bet $$ that he did what he's accused of and more, but that's just my opinion...
    That's pretty much the key: if you have skills, you can basically get away with anything. If Kobe Bryant would have caved to the pressure during his trial, I don't believe he would have escaped prison.

    Sad, but true.

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