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  • I found this story in the news
    I don't know why I'm posting so many new threads today. I found this one in a news media site based in NYC.

    NYPD: Female Student, 17, Brutally Beat Male Classmate Who Passed Gas In Her Direction


    Angered that a fellow pupil passed gas in her general direction, a New York City high school student allegedly clobbered the male victim in the head with a metal stool and repeatedly punched him in the face, according to police.

    Joquasha Rosado, 17, was arrested last week following the bloody attack at South Richmond High School in Staten Island. She was subsequently named in a criminal complaint charging her with felony assault, weapons possession, and harassment.

    She took a metal stool and repeatedly beat a male student over the head?


    Laugh if you like, but I seriously think that giving her the name "Joquasha" had something somehow to do with this. It's kind of like naming a kid, "I'm messed up. Beat me if you like".
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