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  • I don't know what I did wrong?
    I'm more sad and confused if anything but here it goes:
    Last night a group of friends and I were going to see a movie later that evening. F, J, and I decided to go for a quick bite then meet up with everyone. After we got our food and the usually Instagram food picture taking was done we started eating. I noticed J was quiet and her face was red. I asked her what was wrong and she said I was rude since we met up at the restaurant. In my eyes, I didn't think I was going beyond how I usually joke:
    1) I called a bitch (everyone in the group calls her basic bitch from time to time)
    2) Tried to sabbotage her food shot (which we all do, it's a running joke in our group)
    3) pretended to ruin her food (I didn't touch her food)
    4) Grabbed her and gave her a noogey (but more ruffled her hair) because she was firing shots at ME all night (which I took at normal)

    Okay... in her eyes I was rude and going overboard. Which I apologised. She told me to not talk to her while I saw her texting our friends (I know to rant about me). It was an awkward dinner with friend F in the middle. I decided it was an adult thing to just go home and not go see the movie. I know I couldn't hide my emotions and I just didn't want to ruin the atmosphere even though I was looking forward to this night.

    Couple of friends tried messaging me but I thought it was best just to sleep on it before I say anything I regret and try to enjoy my night alone.
    In the morning, I replied back to those messages. Friend J texted last night saying she was sorry and that I should go to the movies. But this morning said she was not mad anymore but insisted I was mean and rude and to not cross the line anymore. I told her I would just refrain from joking with her in general. She said I could still joke with her but just not go over.

    I didn't know what to say because in my POV I was the same, all the other friends play the same jokes if not sometimes gang up on her. I wanna count all the things I did for her but I know that doesn't matter... I'm more confused and really hurt? I walk on eggshells and work and it seems like I have to do the same with my friends. I wish I can talk to my friends but I know they are on her side since she got to them first.

    Thanks for listening to my fresh wound! I feel so pathetic...

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