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  • I Respect Your Opinion, But...
    Man, I'm getting real tired of this shit. Whether it be politics, video games, sexuality, etc., this bullshit is everywhere. When a person fakes that he or she actually respects the other person's opinion, but then that person tries his best to convert the other person, but you know, that person still is very tolerant. But don't you dare not listen to that person, or you'll die a slow, painful death, and the last thing you'll hear is someone's breath sending chills down your spine at night while you are tucked in your blanket and while you are tightly holding your teddy bear. I'm not talking about people who actually are there to discuss a certain subject, or some dude trolling, but people what want to do their best to make other people agree with their POV, but don't want to be called assholes or intolerant by people who are smarter than them, so they first use the sentence in the title just to seem like they are just another neckbeard expressing themselves. One can easily see those hypocrites by checking a few things:

    1) That person is making horrible assumptions. For example, someone makes a whole video about pointing out the bad things in a game, but doesn't say that the game itself is bad, then that person states that the OP said that the game is bad, then that guy starts talking about how the guy who made the video is wrong (while of course, saying that he still respects his opinion). Get it?

    2)That person can't say 2 sentences without mentioning that it's just his opinion.

    3)That person offers irrelevant and bullshit arguments, but of course others can't reply to that, because it's just his opinion.

    4)There is that little hatred in the comment what that person posted what you can just *feeeeeeel*

    P.S.: Count how many times I said the word opinion or ''that person''.


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