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  • I Gotta Get Under The Hood
    I Gotta Get Under The Hood

    I know you probably don't care, I am just telling you so we can hopefully avoid any support threads (@snilloc Tongue) related to things looking different or changing.

    After I am done (an hour or two, tops) if you notice anything still fucked up, feel free to make a thread in Site Issues.


    Yep........ Fucked up.

    Waited 13 hours since your post Whistle

    On the side bar where it says "Latest Threads"
    Then "Last Post"
    Click and it goes to main page NOT the last post in the thread. Dodgy

    Well you did ask. Angel
    Thanks. To be perfectly honest, things did not go so well.

    I will get it today (but I can't say when), but there are many other things I don't like about the new version . . . Confused I was hoping to release it today too . . . guess it will be Thursday or Friday Sad

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