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  • How would Tony Soprano have handled prison?
    @LZA The reason why John Gotti lied and said he fell is because he was honoring the code "DON'T SNITCH!!" And everybody takes a beaten sometimes its life. He lost a fight yes but he was not beaten to a bloody pulp.  Go watch this interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guqiFDl1gb4 on street gangs with the blood gang member who did time with John Gotti. He talks about the situation. Gotti didn't get beat to a pulp.  But i don’t see Tony Soprano calling someone the N Word to their face in prison because he’s pissed. But we're talking Tony. You seriously think he's gonna be someones bitch?
    @Stella 1977 LOL, it took me about 20 seconds before I realized I've already seen this video before .. I really remembered when he mentioned the "rib separator" Smile

    Even if Gotti wasn't connected and bound by omerta, he was a street guy and not a rat. He would have never told on him for getting beat up... And I'm looking into it again and a few people said it was a sneak attack, not a fair fight. I feel Tony would have been the same way.

    When I reread the title of your topic and see the word "handled", I just want to clarify and say that I think he would have handled it fine... He would have handled it like Gotti and the others did. He would have gotten the respect he deserved and would have been able to survive without being anyone's bitch. I guess the point I wanted to clarify is that Tony would be respected, he would not necessarily be untouchable... That's where I made the point of Gotti getting beat. But if Tony did get beat up as John did, there is no question he would have kept quiet too, and maybe plotted his own revenge. Prison is a different place from what I gather, and a report said Johnson felt slighted from perceived disrespect from Gotti. Now, in the real world in Gotti's realm, that would be acceptable, but not there... Tony is a perfect example of an alpha male egomaniac who would need to get used to not being the unquestioned top dog. I guess if there is one person I can think that has a bigger ego than Tony, it's Gotti
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    @LZA There's not one example of LCN mob guys being raped in prison; especially when you consider how many have done time. My husband's friend says that most regular inmates typically show respect to Italian American mobster (in his words) if not straight-up swing off the guy's balls. No one messed with the LCN guys as far as he saw. But my husband's friend says that most white inmates tend to have an aloof attitude towards other white inmates. He says that Spanish, Asian, Native American and black inmates will help each other no matter what. Also my husband's friend says that in Big Sandy he was ashamed to be white that there most of the white inmates were just (in his words) universally cunts. He says that Aryan Brotherhood weren't a big presence in Big Sandy, but they were bad enough to (again in his words) make you kind of wish your mother had been raped by black man.
    Sounds like the general whites just weren't organized... As white as Tony is, he's part of the LCN group which backs each other up like the Asians, Aryans, blacks, etc.

    I wonder if it's the outside of prison culture that preps people to organize. The mafia, bloods crips, whoever, are already affiliated. The dopey white guys doing their own thing probably can't keep up with the savage level as the Aryans so they are left to their own protection. I'm sure a Spanish or black that doesn't want to affiliate will get the same treatment, but they seem to be used to understanding they need backup while these aloof white guys probably didn't really prepare to get thrown in jail, while the others knew it was a matter of time... Even Tony was prepping for the possibility of knowing how he lived his live, unlike the drunk white guy who got drunk, beat his wife and got thrown in the slammer...

    That would be a "guess" as to why that is. I spent some time in a ghetto city here. Same thing. The whites who weren't intentional criminals ended up walking around like zombies with no clue, getting taken advantage of. You know? They are too stupid to be real criminals but get thrown in with the monsters. Tony would NEVER have to worry about that...

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