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  • Help Request How to put latest threads with avatar?
    hi guys..anybody know how to make latest threads with avatar? im currently use advance sidebox by @wildcard
    On MyBB forums a guy named Destroy666 had said that he was going to handle that but never did. So I guess it is up to me.

    Unfortunately I still haven't found the time. Please be patient and I will announce completion at MyBB community forums.

    (good to see you again @ghost68 )
    @wildcard..how did u put the avatar in ur advanced sidebox plugin..??
    Upgrade to 2.0 and there is now an option on the latest threads side box to show avatars-- you'll probably want to customize the template (as I have done on this site) to eliminate any details that are too cluttered.

    I'll be back in action in about one week and I have some updates ready for ASB that I have been working on in my downtime.

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