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  • Help Request How to easily download youtube videos
    Does anybody know how to easily download youtube videos.
    The simplest way possible for me would be great.
    And please explain in very plain terms ... many thank you's Smile
    I'm running Chrome on Vista 64bit.
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    You download and install YTD (YouTubeDownloader).
    You get it here: -->
    After you have installed the software, you simply copy the YouTube URLs you want from your web browser, and paste them into YTD.
    It then downloads for you.

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    There's actually some Audials Moviebox Youtube Downloader among the first results that seems to be able to record Youtube online streaming movies and videos from the watch instantly subscription. 
    Record, Capture, Download And Save...
    How to record, capture, download and save movies and series from...
    I would use jDownloader.
    Jdownloader.org - Official Homepage
    no description

    Open it and switch back to Chrome. Copy the youtube URL and jDownloader will automatically add the various versions of the video to a queue.

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    i love jdownloader but it's a bit overkill if you're only downloading youtube videos...
    I mostly use this: http://en.savefrom.net/

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