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  • Discussion How do the holidays affect you?
    This time of year is really known as holiday time, but as we know, holidays occur throughout the year at different times in different parts of the world. 

    When I was younger, ALL of the holidays were great. Time off from school, gifts, etc. But back then it was something that was done. I didn't get to appreciate the meaning of holidays until now until I was much older. Back then, my holidays were taken for granted.

    When I was older, they became a hassle. As a grown up, they are no longer "holidays", but reasons to spend money and time you don't have, to see people that in your adult life, you realize you don't really care to be around, or don't care to be around you. As a kid, those things aren't issues.

    Maybe I grew up to hate (most) holidays because I became bitter in the nostalgia of the free, fun times as a kid when life was simpler, and I realize that as I remember it now, I have a sour taste in my mouth since it's nothing but a hassle, bitterness and spending money and time for people who don't  care...Even when everyone is on the same page and happy, there is one fucker who ruins it.

    I talked to my parents as a kid, and there was that one person then, but I didn't remember as a kid (youthful bliss). Admittedly, I'm sure my life choices made ME that person at one point too, so I'm not ranting or pointing fingers since I have a hand in it too; I'm trying to better myself. but there are those family members that you wanna punch in their fat dumb mouths... The only thing they contribute is bringing their own Tupperware so they can complain there is not enough leftovers to fill them up, among other things (specifics for another rant)

    I can say I loved holidays but then hated them because of the hassle it became. NOW, I'm depressed over them since I want to love them again as I see the potential that could be, but due to issues out of my control it misses the mark (It's like missing the brass ring by inches) Also sad because the more I think I hate them, the more I remember I used to love them, and then I think of family that has passed, or moved on (ex: haven't seen my brother in years), and holidays are just another reminder that life never stays the same. Again, like something was missed

    These negative feelings are mainly for Thanksgiving, Christmas and although not a holiday, my birthday. Just a reminder that I'm older and that's one less Birthday I'll have... Those used to be my favorites as a kid!! Never celebrated Valentines  Day as a kid since girls thought I was a goober... Enjoyed it when I was in relationships... Now that I'm divorced and single, I may as well call it going postal day...LOL... Actually, now I celebrate it on Palm Sunday with the rest of the single plebs Tongue

    As a kid I HATED Halloween (thought it was dumb), New Years (Christmas vaca ended), to name a few. now, they are my favorites! Halloween is in my favorite time of the year and New Years represent changes/fresh starts.

    What are your most/least favorite holidays? Have they changed over the years? This sounds like a negative rant, but at least now I'm trying to be open for positivity... So when I get pissed by stupidity, I can at least say I tried.

    Interested to hear any story, if it's happy, maybe I can take some of your experiences to look for the good in mine.
    (This post was last modified: 11-28-2018, 07:50 AM by LZA.)
    In my early 20's Halloween and New Years Eve were fun because you could do drugs in public for once. Also Christmas was great when you're a kid I agree with LZA on that. Now I hate all holidays. Christmas is the absolute worst. It combines everything I hate about America: Unrestrained capitalism and greed, fake religiosity etc. Gift obligations, party obligations, family obligations, more traffic, everyone being fake nice and fake happy, work Christmas parties where people get too drunk. Family events where people get too drunk. It just all seems like a disaster once you're old enough to realize what's going on. Or maybe LZA and I are just broken, jaded people?
    They affect me enough that I have to see some undesirable people.
    they don't effect me at all and I'm dead serious
    (12-21-2018, 12:30 PM)srijantje Wrote:  they don't effect me at all and I'm dead serious

    Same here.

    I will get Chirstmas day and New Years day off, but other than that, it is just a normal month for me.
    always holiday for me

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