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  • Food: How Do You Take Your Tea?
    It's a wonderful movie. Julia Roberts is her usually charming self and Susan Sarandon(one of my all time favorites) is superb! (Ed Harris is always good imo)

    Wildcard is awesome.
    So I made Leanne's recipe for Masala Chai this afternoon and it was farking DELICIOUS.

    Right now, at this very moment, I am enjoying a second cup to which I added a little chicory and black pepper, using almond milk instead of condensed milk. I think I will be drinking this every day.
    Yum, that sounds fantastic -- though I've never even heard of almond milk! Those spices are all very good for you though, it certainly can't hurt to make it a habit.

    (I'm sorry I can't hang around a bit longer now that you've returned, please don't take it personally!)
    I don't, especially since we are in different hemispheres.

    I suppose almond milk is an American thing. I drink it instead of milk, use it on steel cut oats, make hot cocoa with it, etc. It has more calcium than milk, is lightly sweet, and only 35 calories. The SILK brand is nummylicious Big Grin

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