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  • Food How Do You Take Your Tea?
    I live in the US and we drink mostly iced tea. In the south there is more sweetened tea, but in the north it is mostly unsweetened. My friends from across the pond seem to prefer hot tea. How do you take your tea(if at all) and what do you put in it(if anything)?

    [Image: 78.png]

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Go to your local shop and buy some tea bags ( A top brand ) then boil your kettle,put a tea bag in a cup or if you a making a pot of tea put a few tea bags in the pot,when the kettle is boiled,pour the hot water 3/4qtrs of the way into the cup or if a pot of tea fill it reasonabaly,let settle for a min or 2,take the tea bag out or again if using a pot leave the tea bags in the pot,add milk,not in a pot just a cup( not too much as it would be too milky ) just enough,if you want to sweeten it add sugar,most people take about 2 small spoons,stir to sweeten and drink....

    Damn after all that typing here's a you tube on it... AngryAngry

    Thanks KP! I have some Lipton tea, but the box says 'specially formulated for brewing iced tea'

    I'll hit the grocer Friday and give it a try. Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I strictly don't drink tea,only coffee
    I mostly drink coffee, but when I'm camping it's essential to drink billy tea, done the traditional way.

    don't like coffee that much i am tea total Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin yeah rite
    Leanne that was a pretty cool video, but what is billy tea exactly?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    cause it's made in a billy can,that's what they are called when you are camping,but your man in the video should have used tea bags instead of tea leaves,saves the hassle
    Tea bags are evil...

    My dad would spew fire if you suggested he do anything but swing the billy round -- and I'd have to back him up. We learned to do it when we were still in primary school and it's one of those cool things you get to do when you're a kid that looks dangerous but isn't if you're not a numpty Smile
    There has to be horror stories about the drunken billy(?) that scalds his torso trying to make tea though. Is there?

    Brain fart: isn't there a song that says 'swinging the billy round' (or maybe several)?

    Wildcard is awesome.

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