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    Music Horror Vacui: the progressive thread
    Once I was listening a radio broadcast talking about progressive music.
    They were talking about the 70s progressive rock habit to compose lenghty tunes, even 20 minutes long...
    And they defined this as a sort of compulsive effort to fight Horror Vacui (Fright of the Void)...
    I laughed my ass off Big Grin

    So there you have it: Horror Vacui: the progressive thread...

    You can post here:

    - links to video/tunes related to whatever sub-branch of progressive music

    - torrent uploads about progressive music

    - discussions on related bands (even bios, anecdotes...)

    - discussions of music theory (I want to see who has the guts to do this LOL)

    You WON'T post here:

    - religion wars or polls about who/which sucks or who/which rules... for these childish practises start a thread on your own if you like.


    Keep in mind that you won't listen here the usual MTV 3 minutes crap interspersed with commercial ads...
    You need some concentration to grasp this music, and the first listening is not usually sufficient... Big Grin


    So just to begin:

    00:00 - The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)
    22:22 - The Remembering (High the Memory)
    43:00 - The Ancient (Giants under the Sun)
    1:01:26 - Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)

    Psychedelic ancient ruins, flying coelacantha...
    A Roger Dean album cover undoubtedly... and one of the most beautiful albums of my beloved Yes:
    Tales from Topographic Oceans.

    Born to Be Wild
    yes,i agree,the most beautiful they ever made
    What the hell is a counterpoint? Big Grin

    Having friends in my youth who played those gigantic church organs, I started to muse about this issue...

    In music, counterpoint is the relationship between two or more voices that are independent in contour and rhythm and are harmonically interdependent. It has been most commonly identified in classical music, developing strongly during the Renaissance and in much of the common practice period, especially in Baroque music. The term originates from the Latin punctus contra punctum meaning "point against point".

    This is the oracular abstract about Counterpoint on Wikipedia. Wow... and then?

    And then listen to this excerpt from Close to the Edge by The Yes:

    Counterpoint example 1

    the bass and the guitar state the main voice...
    but after 10 seconds, the organ voice enters, also anticipating the end of the first voice theme.
    The two voices seem to have nothing in common, but to the ear they sound an harmonic charm... Smile

    Yes, this is a counterpoint... an easy one: two voices only.

    Then listen to this excerpt of Roundabout by The Yes:

    Counterpoint example 2

    The complexity here rises fast.
    - From the beginning we have only the bass stating a first voice
    - at 00'.15" enters the human voice mixing independently with the bass line.
    - at 00'.35" enters the organ mixing another independent voice with the bass line.
    - at 00'.51" bass, organ and human voice lines are all together.
    - at 01'.10" another human voice line mixes with the bass and organ lines...
    All this always in harmony... always a counterpoint.
    When I played the guitar and sang this part I had literally to split my brain in two (the voice and hand movements control centers reside in the same zone of the brain) and try not to mind my mate who played the keyboards... Big Grin

    But the funniest (and weirdest) counterpoint mess I ever heard of in my progressive music listenings is surely this tune by Stormy Six:

    Stormy Six - L'Orchestra Dei Fischietti

    The mess starts at 05'.18"

    Big Grin

    Maybe those boys smoked hard... Like these ones:
    (Ensemble Clément Janequin - Fricassée Parisienne)

    Ensemble Clement Janequin - Fricassée Parisienne - Crespel: Fricassée

    By now, you should have some dark foreboding that music is far richer than the Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga stuff they force you to swallow nowadays Big Grin

    Born to Be Wild
    Let me introduce you The New Trolls Smile

    New Trolls - Concerto Grosso

    00:00 1º tempo: Allegro - 2:15
    02:18 2º tempo: Adagio (Shadows) - 4:50
    07:12 3º tempo: Cadenza - Andante Con Moto - 4:10
    11:28 4º tempo: Shadows (per Jimi Hendrix) - 5:30
    16:59 5. Nella sala vuota, improvvisazioni dei New Trolls registrate in diretta -

    Nico Di Palo - chitarra elettrica, voce
    Vittorio De Scalzi - chitarra elettrica, flauto e voce
    Gianni Belleno - percussioni, voce
    Giorgio D'Adamo - basso
    Maurizio Salvi - tastiere, non accreditato in copertina
    Luis Enríquez Bacalov - direttore d'orchestra

    From Wikipedia:
    In 1971 they released the album which was to become their trademark: Concerto grosso per i New Trolls. The album was a fantastic example of early symphonic rock experimentation, with classical music arrangements written by composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov. As the first effort in Italy to merge rock music with classical treatments, this album is still considered one of the most important Italian progressive rock releases ever.

    Enjoy Big Grin

    A sample of New Trolls discography is available here:
    (This post was last modified: 09-18-2012, 04:17 AM by n0b0dyh0me.)

    Born to Be Wild
    Dream Theater - Under A Glass Moon

    Born to Be Wild
    srijantie, maybe you will appreciate this.... Smile (there's also a torrent available for this torrent that I downloaded months ago)

    Emerson Lake and Palmer - Live at Royal Albert Hall

    The 1992 live by Emerson Lake and Palmer...
    And the Trimurti said "let there be prog..." Big Grin

    1. Karn Evil 9 (1:45)
    2. Tarkus Medley: Eruption - Stones Of Years - Iconoclast (9:33)
    3. Knife Edge (5:27)
    4. Paper Blood (4:10)
    5. Creole Dance (3:17)
    6. From The Beginning (3:18)
    7. Lucky Man (4:38)
    8. Honky Tonk Train Blues (4:01)
    9. Romeo and Juliet (3:48)
    10. Pirates (13:23)
    11. Pictures at an Exhibition (4:26)
    12. Finale: Fanfare For The Common Man - America - Rondo (14:41)

    Born to Be Wild
    yes,but it has to wait until i get back
    7for4 - Rock'n'Rolex

    From the compulsive searches of my wicked little brother Tongue

    Born to Be Wild
    post on topic or dont post at all /mod

    (07-21-2012, 05:23 AM)Bartolommeo Wrote:  How said empty? I say suo?

    I don't sugarcoat anything.....do i look like willy fucking wonka to you

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