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  • Home sweet Honda
    Question: Have you guys ever been homeless?

    I have... I spent the last 6 days in my Honda. I'm writing from my public library since I'm still not allowed in my house. The therapists and people from the hospital seem to think I need some "hard reality living" before going back home. My father in law seems to think I'll never be allowed home, but my wife says give it time.

    Hey, my car has never been cleaner and to be honest, neither have I. 6 days off has been the longest in the 3 years since I lost my jobby job due to depression/suicide attempts (ya, I told you guys I was clean before...probably for 1 day or so).

    I'm writing for a few reasons. to give you animals something to laugh at (I wrote a bunch of letters and put the return address as:
    2008 Honda Accord
    Anywhere, CT 00666

    Have to keep the sense of humor.

    More importantly, be thankful for who and what you have (even if you think it's not much, when you lose it, it'll smack you in the face.

    My Father in law gave me a empty house now that he sees that I'm "cleaner" thank I was... but it lacks a bed, or a TV, internet access. So I'm making it a point to come down here to catch up on my emailing. internet access.

    Until tomorrow, stay thirsty my friends!!!!

    LZA - KAL-EL
    Wondering what happened to you.

    So you are hitchhiking in your Honda. "Home sweet Honda". Nice subject line.

    Lack of access to internet can drive one crazy for a couple of days.
    But after a while, it will be bliss. See if you can achieve that 'nirvana'.

    With the heat here, am always thirsty.

    Now, you stay alive and keep any suicidal thoughts away. Try to meet as many people as you can.
    If I could drive a car, i'd gladly spend my time the way are doing now.

    Drive slow. Drive safe.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Thanks radio box,

    So I'm in one of my father in law's houses , which is really nice. Hopefully soon I'll have my own TV and internet. I'm home right now, on good terms now that I'm dried out. If I'm not here then I can use the computers at the library, which is what I've been doing. Life living in the car for 5 days was interesting to say the least though. Sleeping was the hardest. But now I'm back in civilization....

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