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  • 'Hijacked' plane lands at Dutch airport
    A passenger plane reported to have a hijacker and hostages on board has landed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

    The Dutch defence ministry earlier scrambled F-16 fighters to intercept the plane, which had apparently taken off from Malaga.

    According to the Reuters news agency, Dutch military police say security forces have now surrounded the plane with the passengers still on board.

    Police have confirmed that they believe this is a hostage situation.

    But Spanish airline Vueling, which reportedly owns the plane, has denied reports that it has been hijacked.

    A spokesperson for the company told Reuters that the confusion is due to miscommunication between the pilot and the control tower.

    'hijack' Drama At Dutch Airport
    A passenger plane is forced to land at Schiphol airport and...
    What were they thinking to do after the F-16's intercept the passenger plane?
    Shoot it down?
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