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  • Here is Another recent case of a man shooting at Police
    Three Officers Shot At New Jersey
    Police Station By Man In Custody

    Three Officers Shot at New Jersey Police Station By Man in Custody

    I didn't read whether or not this man had ever previously been "processed" by the police. But I'd wager a lot of money that he was. I can't see a man opening fire on a bunch of police in a police station unless he has previously been abused by police or given some "attitude adjustments" or "beatings" as they are more commonly called.

    I'm posting this because it comes so close to the previous case I posted where a man started a fire in his house, luring police and fire fighters to rush to the scene, whereupon he opened fire on these innocent victims with a rifle.

    I strongly believe that in order to reduce the number of these incidents, we have to stop police from being able to deal with citizens in locked, windowless rooms without any record of what happens there.

    When police deal with a prisoner, I claim it is very important to record to video the entire process and a copy sent to the prisoner's lawyer and made available to the justice system.

    Until that hapens, I believe we will continue to see these kind of "revenge shootings" at the police.
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