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    Someone in this thread recommended the movie Julia.

    I forget who it was but I want to say thank you because it was great.

    If you described the plot or the story line to me, I don't think I would ever imagine it was so good. But the lead actor was terrific and the movie was very powerful.

    I really liked it a lot.

    Now, to switch gears, I recently bought a new Blu-ray Disc player. It is a Sony model BDP-S185.

    It does many things when you connect it to the Internet and unfortunately, I don't understand almost any of them.

    In addition, the User manual seems to be written by someone who doesn't speak English very well.

    I would like to tell you some of the things it does and ask a few questions about using Blu-ray players to access the Internet.

    Can anyone please advise me as to the best forum in which I could ask these questions? I would appreciate that very much.

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