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  • Happy Star Wars Day!
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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Memories ...
    I think Return of the Jedi came out when I was in school.
    It was summer holidays and me and dad were on the way back home on a moped.
    We passed by a rather famous cinema hall which was running ROTJ.
    I begged him to take me. He said he'd try. It was either the movie or returning home (there wasn't enough petrol in the tank and not enough money). At the ticket counter he was shocked to find, the tickets were dirt cheap. When asked, the man at the counter said it was the last day of the show and hence the price cut. Lucky day !
    We found our way to the entrance of the cinema hall. There was nobody. We waited and finally let ourselves in.

    It was pitch dark (no words to express). Came out and then went back in. Holding hands we finally sat down on the aisle. After a few moments we felt our way sideways and slumped into the seats. I was giggling and my dad was a bit concerned actually. He wondered if we were proly in the wrong "room". Nothing happened for about 15 mins. Total darkness, dead silence. Eerie.

    Then the screen flickered on and we looked around and lo! we were the only ones in the hall !
    The operators were proly waiting for a sizeable crowd to start the movie, which didn't happen.
    About half an hour later a couple more guys entered. There were proly about 5 ppl watching in all.

    I don't remember much of the movie, but the memory remains. I think I watched it mainly bcos some of my friends at school couldn't stop talking about star wars and when school reopened I wanted to be able to say that I too watched it. :-)
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