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    Just started reading this one as part of the Paperbacks from Hell reissue series, wherein classic 70s/80s pulp horror novels are given new print runs with their first edition covers. The book contains two novellas, the titular one about a pregnant girl trapped in a network of underground tunnels, and the other, “Beauty is...”, about a mentally and physically disabled woman exploited by townsfolk. The second story was based on a real-life incident where a mentally challenged girl got a job at KFC, only for a group of local men to exploit her for sex. They’d take her home, give her drugs, and use her, since she wasn’t able to resist or refuse. People, eh?

    [Image: 27576.jpg]
    I read some these paperbacks that I'd buy from the library in the used books sale. Loved every word of them.

    [Image: gyE9aTL.jpg]
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    I just saw that Toni Morrison died Monday. She was 88.

    [Image: rdx3mXz.jpg]
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    Beloved was a great book. Really helped visualise the slave experience, which is impressive for a historical novel.

    [Image: 7908960-L.jpg]
    Even if extremely odd, Plath was also a very interesting person. I read this in like 2010 after being introduced to Plath through TPP, a poetry forum.

    [Image: TOk9iSq.jpg]
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    I finally found this cover. I'd been searching for it for this thread, but to no avail...and then I just stumbled upon it by accident! Spinning

    Louis L'Amour generally wrote westerns, but this is a swashbuckling tale of ancient mysteries and pirate treasure! I know this isn't the book recommendation thread, but I would highly recommend reading this awesome story.

    [Image: fjuD0Aq.jpg]

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