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  • Google Researches Wage Equity and Finds It’s Underpaying Men
    The "gender pay gap" has been an ongoing topic for years now. You see it here in quotes because, despite all of the attempts to prove that it exists, there has been no empirical data to back up the claims.

    Before someone gets mad at me and thinks that I hate women or that I am one of the MGTOW fellas, think again. I love women and I have spent a lot of my free time hanging out with women because I prefer their company. My friends that are ladies do not subscribe to this wage gap theory either. On top of that, I'm glad to admit that there are misogynists in the world — I am certainly not defending those creeps, either. I also realize that there are men that refuse to promote women to management because "a woman belongs in the kitchen" or some other foolishness.

    So, when I saw this article, it really hit home for me. There is no company in the world that is more liberal or supportive of women's rights than Google. That's what makes their findings so shocking. Within their company, the gender pay gap benefited women rather than men.

    Google Finds It's Underpaying Many Men
    As It Addresses Wage Equity

    Google has tried to do preemptive damage control by saying that this study "could give a false impression"..., but they never go on to give a reason why these cold hard numbers could be anything besides crystal clear evidence that while many women are complaining about unfair treatment, they are actually getting special treatment because companies are afraid not to.
    Found this from Kate Andrews, a feminist with a healthy viewpoint and some good ole common sense:

    Quote:As the pay gap debate has highlighted for years now, statistics can be used to tell almost any story you want to tell about women in work.

    The gender pay gap reporting measures – which force companies with over 250 employees to publish crude data each year – have produced pay gaps of over 50 per cent for some firms.

    But if you look at other data, say part-time work figures, you can point to a negative gender pay gap (that is, a pay gap in favour of women). So what should we make of this week’s headlines?

    In truth, not much.

    The Moral Of The Pay Gap Story Is
    That The Future Looks Bright For Women In Work - CityAM

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