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    Okay so I love this girl to death, but goddamn it, she is fucking retarded. Keep in mind that in this thread, its only 1 thing she's done recently.
    So to start off, my girlfriend, whom I've been with 1 year now, posted a selfie of her in her favorite Pantera shirt, which had a confederate flag on it. So some Tumblr feminist retard started telling her she's a racist, and got a couple of friends to call her racist too.
    No big deal right? Just some dumb trolls over the internet?
    My girlfriend started crying and is currently telling me how she wants to hurt herself because of it, I know I should be helping her but Jesus H Christ, she is stupid. She really really is. [/size]
    I imagine I'd be hurt to find that my favourite thing that based on reasons other than the controversial reason being taken wrongly, and to have everyone turn against me because of that. I think that's what she's feeling; though I'm not sure if she realised that the confederate flag was the cause of debate.

    It was probably unintentional, and I guess removing the picture would help.

    The mad Wolf rages on.
    [Image: wolf_sketch_persona___header_by_christohpera.jpg]
    No offense, but how old are you. She sounds like she is too young to have established a solid confidence in who she is. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if you're going to go around wearing shirts with confederate flags, you need to have a thick skin.

    She may be the most racist person on the planet, but she is also naive to think she can wear that shit and not hear flack... The only people allowed to wear that shit in my book are colored or non white people. I would honestly be a little pissed too. Just because of what the flag represents. And I'm whiter than Casper the ghost, my elders came from Canada (but thank god I was born here).

    Telll her not to worry, but explain this to her.. Since she probably doesn't have the energy to explain this to all the haters she has (and she shouldn't have to, and she should be able to wear what she wants), the only other option is for her to not be so sensitive... If she is crying and wants to hurt herself, tell her to buy a new Pantera shirt without the flag... Only other option for her to keep her sanity.

    Pleas4e don't be mad at her, like I said she is naive and reacting as such, but if she can't say fuck you to these shit talking trolls, people with opinions, the only other way is for her to ditch the shirt... But you as the boyfriend should explain all this to her and let he make the decision.

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