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  • Genetic Engineering and World Peace
    Being the humanitarian that I am, I have thought long and hard about how to solve the greatest challenges facing the human race. After solving issues of world hunger and global over-population I turned my attention to difficulty that the human race seems to have with living in peace with one another.

    The problem that has been inherent in previous attempts to achieve peace on a large scale has resided in a common ignorance of human nature. People can only feel good about themselves when they are oppressing or outright killing those who are different from themselves. Historically, it is the only motivation that is strong enough to make people work in very large groups for extended periods. Racial and religious differences are sufficient to justify mass murder and genocide, but how do you get people of different religions and races to come together? You give them others to oppress or kill that aren't technically people. That is where genetic engineering comes in.

    Now we know that humans and higher primates share over 98% of the same DNA. We've even isolated the gene that makes the brains of chimps different from our own. With this knowledge we can create apes with a learning capacity similar to humans, which is where we would start. Adding genes from other creatures to make this new invention truly alien in appearance would be the next step. Creating these creatures, and using costumed people to prepare them and motivate them for war with humans, we equip them with weapons designed for use with their unique physiology (because we wouldn't want to make them capable of using our tools and weapons) and then sterilize them. We then send them out on missions to kill as many people as they can before they get taken down.

    Yes, we take advantage of the inherent Xenophobia of humans by creating aliens and convincing the world that they are now in a united fight for the survival of their species. Most of the skirmishes would be small, since creating these things would be costly, and we may need to send a "spaceship" to nuke a stadium full of people during a live broadcast to really get the whole world to pay attention and get on board (kinda like we did with 9/11 for the war on terror), but compared to the cost of war, it would be insignificant. People would not have to constantly be fighting this new enemy to be content with their common superiority. This time it would not be a feeling of superiority of ideology, religion, or race that would draw people together, but superiority of their species over another species. A superiority they would only intermittently need to be reminded of, because complacency is also part of human nature.
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