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    GD wife wont stop complaining
    EVERY FUCKING DAY its something new with this chick, i am convinced she has no idea how to live a normal life. SHE CANNOT GO A DAY WITHOUT DRAMA. It could be the smallest thing in the world and she will blow it up as much as possible & will remind you of it 6 months later and bring it up like its a current issue.

    Haven't washed her car in 2 weeks..... because her and i both have been busy with 2 full time jobs and our daughter (who i love more then anything), it raining a few days after the first attempt and having to take our daughter to the urgent care because she got sick. LIFE HAS HAPPENED and we haven't been able to wash to cars....... BUT TODAY

    has gotten me to reg on this site to fucking get it out.....

    THIS BITCH asked me to put her car seat back into her car for our daughter and get it all latched in. (we moved some furniture and had to move the seat. WELL last night guess who was passing out at the dinner table (THIS GUY) & it slipped my mind. I didn't realize i didn't do it till i got to work this morning at 6AM 8/9/2017.

    GUESS WHO got a fucking phone call at work just so she could complain that she was having a hard time putting it in & DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PUT OUR KIDS CAR SEAT IN HER CAR!!!!!! HOLY SHIT are you fucking kidding me. YOU don't even know how to put YOUR CAR SEAT in YOUR CAR doesn't that seem like something BOTH parents should be able to do..

    im fucking miserable and this is the only way i can be in my daughters life, from proven experince when her and i split for a while she made it next to impossible for me to be around my daughter

    I can go on for days and choose not too but what i CAN SAY is ill probably be back to just keep adding EVERYDAY to all the shit she complains about

    like having to work full time, EVEN part time work 5 hours a day she complained. MAYBE SHE NEED TO GO GET MARRIED TO A RICH guy, because i don't make that kinda fucking money for her to stay home or even work part time & she is a FAR CRY from a trophy wife. I love her and she is beautiful but not this lala land idea that she has, its not the 50's anymore and WE HAVE TO WORK otherwise WE ARE HOMELESS or STRUGGLING to pay the bills and get to work. idk WTF goes threw her mind but being logical is NOT one of them.

    Oh and her hunny do list is 100938408239403240394 pages long and may god strike me to the ground for not hop skipping and jumping to get everything done the moment she says anything... But when i ask for her to simply text my mom to ask a question because im doing something...... Im told NO LAZY FUCKING BITCH

    But ill be back to add to this, and fuck it mine as well time and date everything. I have joked with myself about logging every complain and her level of anger with it but now it seems like a good fucking idea.

    Fuck me for doing anything for my life and build our future. ACCORDING TO HER her life dreams are now mine and i should DO IT ALL FOR HER so she can sit back and be a LAZY AF WIFE

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