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  • Fuck buckets.
    If anyone asked me if I recommend starting work as a cashier at Walmart, I would say "Go fuck yourself. You are an idiot for even asking that question."

    Because out of the like three hundred fucking thousand managers there, it takes 10 minutes for someone to show up.

    I just started. They let me watch other cashiers for a like 6 hours total. Then they had someone watch me for maybe 20 minutes before they fucked up, forgot about me, and left me by myself for an hour and a half. I didn't know any of the codes to call the managers, I didn't know how to do those stupid WICs, phone cards, gift cards, checks, fucking anything that wasn't just scan and pay. So I constantly had to call another cashier, who was usually busy and probably irritated with me for constantly calling for help.
    Then today, they put me by myself for four and a half hours straight. I still hardly know shit. I kept getting customers that wanted cash back, or gift cards, or some sort of special treatment, and I'm like "I don't fucking know, let me call a goddamn manager, which will probably take 10 minutes for them to show up." Like FUCK. Then the customers get all flustered. And I'm like fucking chill. Take it up with those assholes that put a total newb by herself.

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    From what I've read and heard from people who work/worked there, Wal*Mart does not particularly care about it's employees...
    they don't care about anything except money for the higher ups it seems

    what was it again,the ceo gets 1200 times the money as an average worker?disgusting
    Oh, no kidding. They don't care. They give us all this bullshit about caring for every single customer, but I guess since they hire over 60 cashiers, they don't have to care. Yet they still seem to have time to stop and chat while I'm still waiting for a manager at my register.
    I think another problem is that all the managers over the cashiers are 19-23 year olds that don't really want to deal with people. I'm being managed by my classmates that didn't particularly give a shit about me in the first place.
    (06-14-2014, 06:00 PM)srijantje Wrote:  they don't care about anything except money for the higher ups it seems

    what was it again,the ceo gets 1200 times the money as an average worker?disgusting

    Ya there was a scale somewhere, it started off at like 50-80% more, then skyrocketed to what they have now.
    From what I've seen about Wal*mart, don't expect them to change ange anything until it starts hurting their bottom line.. Then they'll stop the over hiring, mismanagement & crap. Sounds like it's all just run amok..
    They have started me out at $7.90/hr, payday every other Thursday.
    From what I've seen, the CSMs are most likely chosen by who they know in the system, rather than just by pure experience and dependability. I know people who have worked there for years and are still a cashier, despite the fact that they are perfectly capable of jumping the ladder, and some have even asked to be relocated. Yet, one of my classmates worked as a cashier for only two years and was promoted to CSM because her mother has worked there for several years. The other CSMs are just as young as me, and CAN'T have been there long enough to earn a position that someone more experienced and thorough should have earned.

    A tidbit: http://www.retailhellunderground.com/my_...lmart.html
    #8 being the highlight here.

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