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  • Frustrating Father
    My relationship with my father is like a roller coaster. He's always getting angry over ridiculous things. I try my best to keep the peace, do my best to put up with his nonsense and be friendly and civil, but if I speak my mind even once, he is thrown into a rage.

    This one instance, the previous day I made dinner for him to eat after he came home late for work. When he cooks, he's always bugging me while I'm eating, asking what I think of his creation, and I always let him know and thank him for the meal. After he eats the meal I made, he says nothing. Sure I was curious of what he thought, and would have been happy if he had shown a shred of appreciation, but I let it go and went on with my day without hearing any feedback from him. But he sure had a lot to say about his sports team on TV. Whatever.

    So the next day, he's home all day then makes dinner. Its pretty good, then not long afterwards, he comes up to me and asks me if I liked it, then reminds me that I didn't thank him for the meal. I give him my thanks but then remind him that he didn't thank me for the meal I prepared the previous day. He's thrown into a rage about how he came to work so tired last night, how dare I take it SO personal that he didn't thank me, when he was SO busy recovering.

    I've learned to put up with his tantrums, and I realize that he needs time to relax after work. But what really irritates me is that he has to throw a fit and make a big scene to make a bunch of cop out excuses for why he couldn't utter two simple words, "Thank You'", both the night before and the entire day afterwards, and label me as the bad guy who is holding a grudge.

    And this is just a small example of the constant crap that I have to put up with on a daily basis. I'm starting to believe the man is incapable considering the feelings of anyone but himself.

    There are also days that he doesn't feel like cooking for himself and asks me to make something. I try my best to cook something we can both enjoy and he goes and orders a pizza. T_T
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    Ungrateful people burn my ass. But also parents that don't feel like they should ever thank their children or admit when they are wrong get on my nerves as well.

    Those tantrums are likely an attempt to take the focus off his fuck-ups.
    A simple please or thank would cost him nothing but it doesn't look like thats what your going to get.

    You dont say what part of the world you're in or how old you are. But the hard fact is it's his house and you either suck it up until you're old enough or move out. Moving out would be the better choice then you are free to live how you want.

    This is however just one side of the story, yours. He might have a completely different take on the situation and believe in his heart that you are an ungrateful wretch who is lazy and doesn't pull his weight and is just take, take, take.

    Sit down and think about it from both sides if you're still unhappy move out and see how easy it is then.
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