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  • Friend flirts with my crush
    Hello, I'm knew to the forum and I just need to vent Smile. (sorry for the long post)

    So the short story is that I have a crush on this guy, let's call him Ross. And that my friend sort of flirts with him (lets call her rachel, yes I've always been a friends fan Tongue ). Now it is important to know that my friend already has a boyfriend, let's call him Joey.

    We're all students at the same university, though we study different things. Rachel and Ross live together, and next year I will be living in the same house too. Now I promised myself that I would ignore it for a few weeks, because I have to study for exams. But it's so hard!

    At first I thought I was imaging it all, because Rachel already has a boyfriend. But during the exams we often go running together, and after running we usually talk in her room. But recently we just stop after running, and I go home to my room in a different house. Even when I text her to just talk she doesn't even let me in the house, she asks to go for a walk. It's really strange, I feel like I'm not allowed anymore in the house. And I can't think of any other reason then to thats she doesn't want me to speak to Ross.

    The thing is there are other people living in the house to and one of them is Chandler, we study the same thing and are in the same year. Now Chandler has a crush on me, I know this because he told me. Unfortunately I just see him as a friend. But Chandler always told things in a certain kind of way to his housemates so that they would think we'de be dating.

    For example there was this on time were we went out (me, Rachel, Joey and Chandler). And afterwards I was KO (not proud of it), so I stayed on his coach. But whenever he told this he always said I stayed with him that night.

    So for months Ross thought that there might be something going on between me and Chandler, and he even asked me at one point. And I told him we were just friends. He also told me I was cute once.

    So I was actually hoping that I might have chance with him, since I really like him. Plus I once saw him flirting with a girl and she was a bit the same type of me. However Rachel is the typical blond girl who can have any guy she wants. And I'm sort of the geeky type.

    However in a few weeks there will be this party to end the exams and everybody will be there (including Ross, Rachel, Joey and Chandler). And I'm really nervous about it. I really hope I will get a chance to talk to Ross. I'm so nervous about it, I feel like I'm going to through up.

    Also it might be important to know that Ross is 25-26 years old (I'm not sure Tongue), I'm 21 and Rachel and Chandler are both 18.
    I don't know if any of you have advice for me. Should I say something to Ross or to Rachel, or just see what happens.

    Thank for reading this very long post! But I really needed to get this of my chest. Cool
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    Wow, not making fun of you at all, but that hurt my head to read Tongue. You are going through quite a mess from what I read..and it sounds like it would make a good episode of Friends.

    From what I get (correct me if I'm wrong) you did not ever disclose to Rachel (your friend who lives with your crush) that you like him?? And you never told Ross (your crush)...

    Since nothing was ever said about any of them being mad at you, just go over or call Rachael like nothing has happened..

    However... Who knows whatever else Chandler was saying to them... He may be the link into why they are not speaking to you...He's telling them shit (true or untrue) that they would have expected to hear from you first as friends... Chandler maybe starting trouble..going by my gut. Why would he tell them you guys are an item when you are not.

    My advice: do damage control before it gets to late. Get Rachel to tell you what Chandler said about you.

    I could be way off on this, but again, I'm going off my gut from the facts you told me in your OP. I wish you luck.
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