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  • Forums=Mental-illness Cluster?
    Logging into a Forum is feels like you're logging onto a Depression forum. Countless posts about personal issues. "Important issues". Their personal stories about how they over came whatever. "I NEED HELP' posts.

    And this makes me laugh.

    If posting a story about your issues 'helps' you, good on you. But I'll stand by my opinion that this method of getting help is just like chasing your own tail. I'll even go as far as to say that these people 'problems' are not as big as they think. If any of these people actually wanted help, complaining about them a on forum is not the fastest most efficient way. Sure it might solve the problem for some. But I truly believe that if these people really really desperately needed help and wanted it they would't be on this forum but instead getting professional help. I mean wake up, your problem is only as big as you make it. This method is only building it up to be bigger then it actually is.

    Posting your issues to people who have no education in mental-illness is not the way to go. Why do people do this? Go spend your time somewhere talking to someone who knows how to help you. How long does it take to realise this? Go complain to a Doctor, you'll realise how small your problem actually is, very quickly.

    And what annoys me the most, is that most of these people are self-diagnosed.
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    I'd have to say that I completely agree with you.

    It does seem like Internet forums are magnetized to attract needy mother fuckers and whiny little bitches. When we started this forum it was not with the idea of listening to everyone's problems-- this is about venting about shit that pisses you off or even makes you sad, but not a self-help work group.

    +1 for this post
    whingers are best ignored
    But that's the thing, the people who make them posts also reply to the same types of posts. So it's a never ending cycle. I hope a offend someone so much that they lose it and are taken to hospital and receive the treatment they need... if they need any at all, because if the problem is at a level where you complain on a forum you should probably just get over it.
    get it over with,you mean
    Sometimes it makes a person feel better when they talk about what's bothering them. There doesn't even have to be another person there. Just talking about it validates your feelings and helps you to get a better understanding of your problem.

    BTW: Some of us have doctorates in psychology, and know what we are talking about.

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    Yes I understand that. I realise that these people are writing their problems out for that release and a forum is probably gives more as they know people will read it and try to offer help. There's just a quicker way around it then posting on a forum, and when you suggest that they refuse.
    Before the internet and forums, people used to empty their heads by writing in a personal diary, or confide in a friend. Most of threads/posts here are rants, but if you look at some of the newer threads, they're just inane complaints about inane non-issues like 'pls halp, my mom told me to tidy my room,' but those posters tend not to gain much sympathy, with some members pointing out that in the grand scheme of things, they're merely whiny ass bitches who've never had to want for anything in life.

    There is a big difference between ranting and whining, and some newer members don't get that at all, and when faced with the honest responses from other members, they get butthurt real quick and take it too personally, when in fact it tends to be a general 'ffs get a dose of the real world and grow the fuck up' reality check.
    This is Rant Central.
    If you whine in here, you won't get much sympathy.
    Most members will just rant at you.
    And that is as it should be.

    And I agree completely with Spud17's post above.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    eh,I say let the questions fly. As long as everyone asking knows this is a rant forum and we are not equipped (nor do we want to be) as therapists. I've spilled my guts on some stuff, but not to ask for help, but to see how the unknown public will react.

    In therapy, I see people that are bruttaly sensitive and if they may come here for advice, I know they'll not be ready for the answers here. That's the biggest danger I see. I like helping people out otherwise.

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