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  • Help Request For The Mac Users
    The purpose of this thread is not to show you how to do any one thing in particular, but rather, show you several [free] applications that you can use to make using your mac more enjoyable and productive.

    I will be adding information to this thread as time goes on since there are so many programs I need to add.

    If you have a particular need or addition to add to this thread, simply post it as a reply.

    Mac on suckas! Wink

      Audio Converter- XLD
    Your mac came with iTunes and a few other applications already installed which is great for the regular user that only relies on store bought media and iTunes store.

    XLD (X-Lossless Decoder)
    This is a great application for converting all your files into formats you can not only use on your Apple devices, but also convert for use on other devices or for sharing in a more main stream format such as FLAC, MP3, etc.

    With XLD, not only can convert all of the major lossless and lossy audio files into iTunes and Quicktime friendly formats for use on all your devices, you can also rip your cd's into any format you choose (with your tags and artwork imported from an online database).

    It also supports batch conversion which is perfect for those of you with massive music libraries and not a lot of time/patience.

    Did I mention that it is a breeze to use? Wink XLD

      Video Converter - FLVcrunch

    FLV crunch is a small, lightweight sledgehammer of a program that will take care of all your video needs.

    It will encode to flv. it will encode to avi. it will encode to mp4. it will encode to the h.### encodes. it will encode from MKV, but won't encode to MKV (which is fine since we are Mac users)... but there is another program for that.

    Yup.... This little program can do the vast majority of what you need it to and even take care of some of your audio needs.

    It also has several presets for your Apple portable devices which is great for those of us that don't want to be bothered with tons of settings.

    Oh, and it also supports batch jobs. Wink FLV Crunch

      Photo Manipulation - GIMP
    I personally don't use this since I like photoshop more, but it's a great program if you don't want to 'pay' a lot of money so you can occasionally manipulate some photos.


      Icon Creation - Fasticns

    Tired of the generic icons on your mac? Can't find a suitable replacement with google? Found the perfect icon, but can't build it into an icon file for use with your mac? Use this.

    Not only can it build your icns file, but it can automatically create file folders with the icon attached already so you don't have to change it manually. Also, it can copy any icon you have and convert it into a PNG file for other uses. Neat.

    Oh, and yes... it does handle batch conversions.


      Media Player - VLC

    VLC (Video Lan) does just about everything.... seriously... it can even be used to export files to different formats.

    There are numerous options for media players when dealing with Macs, but VLC really does everything.

    Video Lan
      Video Player - niceplayer

    niceplayer plays movies nicely. Since development of Perian has come to an end, Nice fills in the gap fairly well... Has some neat features too.


      System Tool - Deeper

    Deeper lets you tweak your system settings so that if you don't know terminal commands, you can still be considered pretty cool... and it's developer friendly.


    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
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