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  • For The Love Of Money
    I don't love money. However, I do have to have it and people are constantly asking me for it and worrying the shit out of me if I am late getting it to them. Also, I like having stuff and not many people will give you the cool shit they own for free so I have to have money to get it.

    [Image: 2281.png]

    But I don't love money. I do sometimes work in the heat and cold to get it and often do things that I despise even being involved in to get cash-- and once or twice I have done something for money that I was truly ashamed of. Sad

    But, love is too strong of a word. I did steal quite a few times when I was younger, though. And that night coming out of the bar when that drunk man dropped his money clip and only I saw, I could've simply returned it to him but instead I pocketed it. Confused

    I don't love money, I just do what I have to do to get by. Wink

    What have you done for money? Do you love money?
    They say “Money is the root of all evil.” I do believe that this is true. Back in the day I wasn’t snilloc I was Mr. Snilloc and I ended up with me own business that worked on extremely low margins so dishonesty reared its ugly head and yes in order to make a profit I did things that I would not recommend but don’t we all? It made money. I dealt in paper which I purchased by the tonne or ton and sold by GSM (Grams per square meter) and to the end user it is impossible to tell one GSM paper from another but with millions of tonnes or tons being moved all over the world every moment of every day it was a catch me if you can philosophy. Greed pure greed 

    Have we all not pinched something at some time I certainly have “Woolworth” was the easiest. Big Grin

    I once found a handbag in a taxi and there was give or take about £300 or $450 that was back in the late 70’s so you do the math but a lot of money. I found an address inside and took the money to the owner she was sooooooo grateful she gave me £1 or $1.50 now when I find someone else’s loss I think tough shit and pocket the lot…………… Doesn’t make me nice but that’s what money can do to you.

    Money if you have it you want to keep hold of it and if you haven’t got any then jealousy come into play.

    I hate what money does to humans.

    I LOVE what it does for me.

    Love or hate money that’s what makes the world go around.
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    Money can't buy you happiness.
    But it will get you a lot closer to happiness than being broke will.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    I don't love money, but I do realize that it is a necessary requirement for life. People who neglect to keep track of this necessary requirement are generally not held in very high regard. That's not to say I dislike people who don't have much money. Sometimes life does not give one the opportunity to collect much money, and I have nothing against that. That being said, I will gladly seize the opportunity to collect money lying somewhere, even if I saw the pocket from which it fell.

    Story time: I once found an unattended wallet lying on a countertop in a pawn shop. I quietly placed my hand on it and slid it into my pocket. When I left the establishment, I looked inside and saw money along with the person's ID and other personal effects. I transferred the money to my wallet, and went home to deal with the rest of it. Upon arriving home I shredded the remaining items in the wallet with a pair of scissors, flushed them down the toilet, and left the house again to donate the (now empty) wallet to my local thrift store.

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    As a young man, I was completely broke one day, with several days to go before payday.
    So I took a collection of comic books and magazines down to a second hand comic book store to sell them.
    I didn't get very much money for them, but when I left the store and walked along the sidewalk, there was a small circular wind gust in front of me,
    almost like a tiny tornado, blowing a bunch of papers and leafs in a circle a foot or so above the sidewalk.
    I looked at it closely, and noticed that there was a $20 bill and two $5 bills whirling around in it. I managed to grab them. It made my day. Smile

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    OK way back in time I was a student and broke as all students are/were. At the point in time you could buy 4 deals (cannabis resin) for £1 ($1.50) So when I wasn’t stoned I found if I bought £5 worth ($7.50) I got a discount and got 25 deals……… Well I saved bought 25 sold 20 to mates at the going rate and had 5 free joints Big Grin

    I soon got the hang of this game as in buying and selling. Buy in multiples sell in singles and rake in the profit, I’m not proud nor do I think I sent anyone on the road to hell and damnation. That’s how I got by as a student and then I met up with guys from USA XD

    They showed me how to make more money, damn yanks The Finger
    I don't love money, and as snilloc shared ... it's the root of most evil.
    I've had my share of hard luck times, but I have never wanted more money than what I need to be comfortable, and I'm not a needy person. I would fear losing appreciation for the simple things in life.
    When I was a kid I discovered a stash of old coins my dad was collecting (though at that time I had no idea they were collector coins (dated) ). My nieces were out visiting and I took some of the coins to buy penny candy from the corner store for us. Luckily for my dad the store owner knew very well what I was paying with and phoned my dad to return the coins. Me ... I got a spanking for stealing Sad
    If I found a wallet full of money I would do my best to return it to the owner. Keeping the money would worry me Angel that it was needed for food, rent, or money for that important mother's gift.
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    You Give To The World When You Give Your Best To Somebody Else Hug
    (07-16-2013, 09:03 PM)kath3 Wrote:  that it was needed for food, rent, or money for that important mother's gift.

    I'd have the same worry. If money inexplicably turned up in my bank account I'd question it, just in case it was accidentally transferred from someone else's account and they needed that money to buy food. Or crack. I couldn't live with myself if I deprived someone of crack.
    Nobody really loves money, I think, they just love absolute freedom and security, which are things that money can give you. If anything else could get them those things they'd obsess over that.
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    The Nigerians frequently email me offers of millions of dollars.
    I always turn them down.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    I HATE money... But I've always thought that my family will NOT go without so I climbed the corporate ladder to get it.. I was progressing so much they gave me a $6000 bonus and a 23% raise one year. Other years it wasn't as much but still nice. I remember being so happy to be able to come home & tell my wife. Almost like money gave me worth...Which isn't true.

    A couple days later, I was out of soda, and didn't have enough to buy my fridge packs. I remember going to Stop & Shop, putting four cases of soda in the carriage and getting a 20 oz bottle... This was the time of the self checkout, so I noticed everyone around was busy, so I rand the 20oz through, paid for it, walked out "forgetting" to scan the cases... Even though I could have afforded it if I asked my wife for the money (she handles the bills)...

    I guess you can say I torrented the soda that day. Selfish and irresponsible, I know, but I only live once (and it was bad enough that I tried to end it) so I getz what I wantz at deserve that much at least.

    Anytime a family member or friend needs help, I do what I can. I make sure the family is set, but then I'll blow some on whatever BS i'm into at the time...I hate money, I like having things... And I'll torrent the supermarkets again if I have to... My family is not going without. I'm so thankful my company thought enough of me to carry me for the next 2 years...I'm sitting home getting what I would have made if I was working...My nightmare now is what do I rebuild myself into to make more money??

    I know we've been discussing suicide, but money worry was one of the factors in both of my attempts. During the in between time of me being employed and getting terminated, I didn't yet know that the company would take care of me, I thought, if I kill myself in a way that doesn't look suspicious (complications with diabetes or something) at least my family would get my life ins... At this time (back in Feb), I was no longer suicidal, but thought this was the end way to provide for my family. I had to do it...I didn't want to...But I figured I'd call one more time to see the status and that's when they told me I was terminated, but they'd still pay me monthly for 2 years and reinstate my life ins and dental plans...

    If I was rich, I'd be satisfied since I know my family wouldn't have to struggle. But ya, I hate money... The only thing I can be thankful to money for was it made me be the best employee I could be. Once I saw that with hard work came $$$, I was off to the races... And I know if we didn't have it the world would be in shit, as there is no incentive to do anything, or make anything. Money may be the root of all evil, but it's a necessary evil... That's why I hate it so much...
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