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  • Folding@home to cure diseases and COVID19
    folding@home is distributive computing to enable users to download and run their client to link all users creating a supercomputer.  currently they have a project to help cure COVID19 (the commie cough or the 'rona) and i've been doing it for years.  i started a team for TPB and SuprBay.  anyone is welcome to join our team or you may do it alone as a lone wolf (or lobo, holla!.)  i went into the details in my SuprBay post and to save time i'll just link it here.  it was started by Stanford University and now many others participate in this worthy effort.  no login is necessary to view the post.  i run it on both windows and various linux live usbs as well as in vm. so pick a nick and join our team #235188

    [Image: grOyBnE.jpg]
    Folding@home New TPB & Suprbay Team
    folding@home is all about curing diseases by linking computers...

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