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  • First trip to church/synagogue/mass/etc
    I was too little to remember my first trip to church. I must've been a tiny baby, but the first few visits that I do remember in blurs didn't always have a lot to do with God. It seemed more like a community and that's what it was all about.

    Snickering about somebody's hair, but being ready to fight for them if someone else messed with them. It was more like a passive gang, really.

    I remember playing with the kids outside and generally only having sticks and ditches to turn into playgrounds, but without fail I was having a blast when Dad would call from the car that he was ready to go . . . too soon.

    What are your earliest memories of religion in your life? All beliefs welcome. Smile

    Wildcard is awesome.
    my earliest memories of religion are my grandparents total opposition to it[really true]
    My first church experience was when I was about 7 years old I guess. It was with my step mom, whose parents went to this church down the road. (Mark, you know it, Hepzibah...) and then I don't remember going to another church service until I was nine, and shortly afterward I was saved and continued to go regularly for years, up until I came to college. Since then, I've been in and out of Church, just trying to live accordingly and use my own good wisdom and instruction from the Bible. So yeah. . .that about covers it.

    "Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?"
    you were saved? from what?
    oh, how to explain... Salvation is the act of accepting Jesus Christ into your life. Meaning that you have felt some sort of conviction on your heart that as a sinner you are incapable of reaching righteousness on your own, and therefore acknowledge that Jesus died for your sins so that he could be the ultimate sacrifice. Asking Him to forgive you and to help guide you through your Christian path, and remain faithful in Him, as well as try to be an example to your fellow man in hopes of helping them find salvation too.
    Salvation in a nutshell. Did I miss anything, ya'll?

    "Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?"
    in other words,saved from yourself?
    Haha that's a good way to put it. Never thought of it like that before.

    "Let the music be your master. Will you heed the master's call?"
    i was being serious for once

    every time in my life i thought something was wrong,i sort of took action,not necessarily the right action,but that one never knows because you can't compare if you would have taken the other path
    neither my mom nor my dad ever cared one tiny bit about religion, and the only thing they ever taught me about it was "it's a load of bollocks, a man-made crutch for the gullible and the weak of spirit". needless to say they never took me to the mass. my grandmother took me to the church once when i was 6 or 7 but there was no mass that day, just the greatest guitarra portuguesa player ever doing a concert (the late carlos paredes). however my stay didn't last long 'cause i started to fart very loudly and grandma got embarrassed.
    Big Grin

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