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  • First Date Etiquete.
    Hi All,

    i was invited out tonight by a female friend whom i've known for quite some time.
    I had a great night out and all was very correct (in relation to how we both interacted).
    I like this woman and i think she likesme. I'm no teenager and have had / and lost serious relationships in the past but i'm really fucked up as to how to proceed as i've "been out of the game" for so long.
    A "shag" i'm not looking for. I really like this girl.

    All advice is appreciated (But if you flame me i'll "ban your ass" because i can).

    Just kiddin' Big Grin

    Just throwing this open to the forum to see how you guys would deal with this situation if it presented itslf in your life??

    Big GrinCoolBig Grin
    it's a woman. just be who you are, if she likes you she'll like you and if you like her you'll like her. don't pretend because pretense never lasts, (you said it's not for the shag) don't be boring. talk about her, ask her about her. look at her face more than her tits. though a good tit joke always breaks the ice, such as (if they're big, " can i eat me salad of your tits please?) i'm really serious about this. you have to make the sex thing a non issue. if she says " that depends0 you just laugh and leave the move till dessert. treat her like your mum talk to her like your sister, look at her as if she's all you ever wanted, joke with her like she's your equal. be gracious. don't be too weak or too strong. never discuss macho crap. don't force your views. and if you don't want the shag, pass her over here when you're done with her Big Grin

    the only rule is to enjoy the evening and be who you are.

    old books teach patience
    you should spend the whole date slipping her pictures of your junk.

    From the moment you two walk to the bus stop, to the moment she runs to a pay phone to call a cab home.

    "Make sure the pictures are blown up to enhance the size of your junk"

    Have fun!
    I'd be nice and take her out to a dinner and a movie. Give her a hug on her doorstep after the first date, and steal a kiss on the cheek after the second. Wait until the third date to have the dinner and a movie at your house, since many women have a three date rule.

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    If she goes out with you for the third time, take her home to bed.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    (07-26-2013, 01:27 AM)velvetfog Wrote:  If she goes out with you for the third time, take her home to bed.

    That's exactly why you have the dinner and a movie at your house. Women like it when guys cook for them, and you're already close to the bedroom.

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    ^Exactly . . . and when a woman has eaten (and in my case smoked a post-meal joint), a nice movie can make the transition from sitting to cuddling to fucking much easier Wink
    That was my thought exactly. A slightly scary movie would get her snuggling up to you for protection, causing her to smell you, which would biochemically raise her libido.

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    You could always try 'Vulva'.

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    that those with no rights,
    display the right to have no life, to have respect they must accept
    a world commiting suicide
    I'd like to weigh in here...


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