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  • Fippity flops on men
    Well, my therapist recommended, as an exercise, that I keep a journal of certain things that, "I have issues with." I did it for a while, but didn't experience a satisfying level of relief. After filling a five subject notebook full of anger, I reported back to him that this, "Therapy" is having an adverse effect. Not only am I not able to get things off my chest, as there isn't anyone there to receive my frustrations. But, now I have a hard copy of my issues, void of a single pair of ears, or eyes that might relive just a bit of the pressure I'm living with. My issues may seem frivolous, but take into account the fact that ones dreams are another's nightmares. This forum, I feel, will serve me well. The subjects are broad, and the judges are few. ( or my research was hasty)
    Well, This is contrary to doctors orders, but fuckit! I just started my first post, and I feel better.

    Ok, here's my first post!! Sorry for the long intro, but I'm new.
    So. This isssue has to do with men wearing flip flops. For some reason, it makes me insanely angry. I feel betrayed as the male species when I see a man walk around in flip flops. Why?!?
    I feel it's absolutely disgusting. I feel it is the ultimate statement of, "I don't care, I've given up on myself." I see it as the ultimate lack of self respect.

    I work with the public. In a retail grocery store. I have seen some sights that make me want to poke my eyes out. But some of the men who come in to the store in their flip flops are by far the worst.

    So, I'm putting lunch meat up on the deli wall, and here's some barefoot freak, slaps his bare foot down right where I'm working. Slap!!!! Right down by my face. Ok, his long, iguana toes, looked like an order of fries, Every toe in business for itself. and half of them weren't even on the "flop." His heel and most of his ape toes were dragging on the tile. Like curly fries. Absolutely disgusting!!! Who the fuck says, " yes, I'll wear these and People will see them. WTF????? I mean, fuck, he slapped down his filthy, nasty feet by me while I was working with food. The slap of his thin rubber contaminated sole naturally jerked my head to the source, bringing me inches to to an orangutan foot, with toes that looked liked they were beaten with a hammer. The image is still fresh.... toe nails that look like Fritos Corn Chips - cracked and lifted,
    like they were waiting for their next Scoop. He slapped his mummified foot down where I was working, and I almost puked. His baby toe had no bone, and it floated straight up, like a fucking balloon. You don't go out without pants on, because it's inappropriate, so what makes you think your long, orangutan mits will help you look cool? Something you're so obviously trying to achieve?

    Why, why, why can't they see how creepy their cinder block, Flinstone, car stopping feet appear?
    I'm sure it doesn't matter to the guys who where them. They don't care, Which is my point. But were is the masculinity you so desperately crave here in Texas? Where is the macho you so relentlessly push for and claim? A Cowboys jersey, or an Under Armor shirt and then, slap, slap, slap! The lazy, I don't give a shit, showcase your decrepit feet in flip flops! Flip flops? Really? You creep me out. Right or wrong, it was a rant. Thanks!


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