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    Serial Mom (1994) - IMDb
    Directed by John Waters. With Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston,...

    I just finished watching Serial Mom, thanks to @Plenty O’Toole's post in the trailer thread.

    Just wow. I am amazed for many reasons. First, that I'd never heard of this classic movie. Secondly, because I never thought of Kathleen Turner as an actress that could pull off such a crazy role. And also, because I thoroughly enjoyed this extremely entertaining film.

    Kathleen Turner is a natural beauty, and her classic, good looks creates a clearly defined pecking order when contrasted with the rest of the family. Her dominance is created with small details, allowing her character to actually be both a good person and a horrible person simultaneously. The division between the two only ever breaks down once her own family suspects her, which creates one of the most subtle jibes of the movie when her husband realizes that she might be guilty and she also might be coming back home. Tongue

    The quality of this movie in every aspect is much better than I would have expected. For comparison, if John Hughes had directed this movie, I feel like there would have been a lot more parts where dialogue is used to explain the plot, where this movie really allows the viewer to relax and just watch the story unfold.

    Seriously glad I watched this one. Also, renewed my Kathleen Turner crush. Tongue

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