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    I just finished watching Glass. It was an awesome movie that I've been waiting to see, made even better by waiting to find it in 4K. To be honest, after a few minutes of watching a 4K movie, you forget all about that and just get caught up in the movie, but there are moments when you see a reflection of someone's face in a flying brass cartridge and it just makes you do that little nerd giggle.

    Glass (2019) - IMDb
    Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. With James McAvoy, Bruce Willis,...

    The cinematography was really beautiful. Some of the shots of all three supers were done so well, and framed in such a way that The Overseer was always just out of frame, or barely covered up by the Doc.

    As to the acting, obviously James McAvoy is killing it, but credit goes to a great supporting cast, as well.

    I loved it, and will definitely watch it again as it seems to be the kind of movie that you could garner a little more from repeat viewing.


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