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  • Fentanyl
    is a bitch... be careful out there... probably anything and everything in the streets is laced with the shit and people are dropping like flies.

    Comedian Fuquan Johnson, Two Others
    Dead After Overdose On Fentanyl-Laced Coke: Report

    3 down. Kate Quigley (a comedian I follow on Instagram), is in critical condition but should be OK..

    that was this weekend, now I see THIS

    'the Wire' Actor Michael K. Williams
    Found Dead In NYC Apartment

    OMAR is dead.... Probably (i'll bet) fentanyl was laxced with whatever he did.

    \This isn;t a warning not to do drugs,. fuck , I don't and will never judge anyone on what they do (I did stupid shit too). But maybe its time to cvall it quits on trying to get a super high from fentnal... there is no degree, it just seems too strong to make you feel good; it just kills you

    back in the whiny bitch years when I was looking to kill myself I would have taken it daring the high to take me; knowing that it wouldn't. In reality, I was too fucked up to kill myself or even know that I had NO want or real intention to do so, its just the shit fucked with my head.

    but I really feel bad for these people who are harmlessly wanting to party or blow off steam, or destress, getting killed because this shit is laces with rocket fuel. part of life is letting loose, do whatever you do.. just be safe if you do drugs. in the Kate instance, the DEALER supposedly died, soo you just don;t fucking know..

    just a heads up... stay safe everyone
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    send me some
    (09-16-2021, 05:19 AM)srijantje Wrote:  send me some

    ITS powerful, dangerous painkiller, not a sex change medicine...
    who cares if you don't feel anything?
    you got me there. but feeling awesome is better than feeling nothing. i'd rather be zooted out of my mind then dead

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