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  • Fears.
    What are your fears?

    Personally I have a fear of commitment and needles, but why can these simple things consume and take our lives over before we have a chance to deal with them? For example, someone who is afraid of water will become obsessed with avoiding the confrontation of having to go into water, instead of just getting past it. Why?

    It might just be my bad english, as it is a second language, so sorry if this makes little or no sense.

    Relationships are ropes. Love is a noose.
    I have a fear of myself...Worried that I'll not learn the lessons I was supposed to learn when I make a mistake for example... That's why i'm so depressed. I have myself on so many self checks I can't move... I just want to say fuck it, if I screw up, I screw up (because I usually screw up)... and not be worried about it all the god dammed time.

    Oh, that and insects, spiders, you know; anything with more than 4 legs should be put to death immediately!!
    I think I have a fear of getting things wrong. Or more recently, getting poor grades and kind of letting people down because of that...Sad
    Edit: And yes, it's slowly taking over my life...my days have been going by just studying, writing lab report, and coursework...
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    The mad Wolf rages on.
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    The fear of looking in my wallet and finding no money in it...
    I notice the same thing around my university. As the semester comes closer to the end, i see a lot of people with books in their arms and a look of despair and anxiety on their faces. I too share that fear of failing and letting down my family and professors.

    i know the feeling. it happens all to often. Im out with friends going to a movie and i am afraid ill open my wallet and not be able to afford a ticket. It is really rough.

    Relationships are ropes. Love is a noose.
    I have no fears

    steven hawking
    at the moment I can't come up with any

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