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  • Food Favourite takeaway
    I love Chinese battered chicken, especially with sweet and sour sauce.

    [Image: c7k1rp7.jpg]
    What counts as takeaway, Jack?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I believe you Americans call it takeout. Fast food, basically.
    (12-21-2011, 01:08 PM)heslopian Wrote:  I love Chinese battered chicken, especially with sweet and sour sauce.

    [Image: chickenballs_1.jpg]

    here they are called chicken balls ( seriously ) Wink

    favourite take away....it's gotta be a nice juicy doner kebab
    They're called chicken balls here too, I just didn't want the first post to be a joke about thatBig Grin
    chickens don't have balls you idiots
    Actually they do, sj, but they're internal -- probably to stop them getting battered.
    I don't get Chinese takeaways very often anymore, since I don't really enjoy putting up with all the whinging about how it's not the same as you get in Britain -- mostly because it's illegal here to add MSG, although also because we don't get as much Cantonese (read Anglicised) food, it's more Szechuan and Jiangsu.

    My favourite kind of takeaway is Malaysian, especially rendang or laksa.

    I just recently discovered this culinary delight as a result of loving Pho. I made my very first Laksa last week and instantly fell in love with it.

    My favorite takeaway is Thai, specifically Thai Tea, Chicken Satay, and Pad Thai with extra peanuts. I also dearly love Shawarma and it's just as good as takeaway as it is homemade, so many times instead of making the effort I simply buy it. NOM NOM NOM!!!!
    Thai is second favourite, for sure... I just love all the creamy bad goodness of Malaysian Smile Tom yum goong is one of the great pleasures of the world. Pho is yum too, there's just something about those SE Asians and their soups that makes me intensely happy.

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