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    I've started a thread of a similar topic in Suprbay. Those who answered there are welcome to answer again; those who haven't, please feel just as free.

    Windows 7
    I currently installed Windows 7 Ultimate from thethingy at The Pirate Bay. Here's the link:

    It has all the versions except Enterprise, and they all, to my understanding, are pre-activated. No serial, no activation. Pretty good if you ask me.

    Now about the operating system. My system is a Pentium IV 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, and has an onboard graphics/sound chip. It's a good operating system, considering the fact I got it for free. And it is in the middle in terms of speed.

    What I don't like, however, is that the Windows Media Player 12 is crappy. When I played my Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD (legitimate), it freezes when I try to go back to the main menu. Has anyone tried this?

    Linux Mint 9
    Alongside Windows 7, I also installed Linux Mint 9. Yes, it's made a little more than a year ago (like April 2010). However, it's more stable than the later versions, and has all the software I need in all areas without the need for installing. I haven't had to install anything more. If there was though, I'd use Windows 7. But so far, it's good.

    Now, I do feel a little scummy when I use pirated software, which is why I cross paths with Linux Mint 9. I just love it. I use Free/Open Source software and I love it. The interface is easy, the graphics are beautiful, and not to mention, there are pre-installed codecs and VideoLAN so I can play any file or foreign region DVDs without much hassle.

    It's your turn
    What's installed that you like in your computer. You can be as succinct or vague as you like. Just give some ideas.

    This message has been brought to you by RobertX.
    i tunes,i like a lot,mind you i never really tried out anything else.And then ofcourse VLC,plays everything
    I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

    I meant operating systems.

    Again, I apologise.

    This message has been brought to you by RobertX.
    I have Windows XP Pro SP3 on my main PC. I have had this OS for years and have never had any problems with it.

    My other PC us another story. I started with XP then formatted and installed OpenSUSE. I didn't like it very much because a lot of my software wouldn't run. So I got a virtual windows program(wine I think) and while it helped, there were still a lot of glitches.

    So I tried Ubuntu . . . and FreeBSD . . . and Red Hat. In the end I wound up putting XP back on it. When I buy my next computer, I'll probably get a laptop with Windows 7 preinstalled, but I wouldn't be surprised if I wound up reverting the thing to XP. I'm a fan of that OS for sure.

    And it's probably worth noting that when I had a PowerBook as a loaner, I really loved Mac OSX. It ran smoothly and even handled my windows software well(using some sim program I can't remember the name of).

    Wildcard is awesome.
    i like windows Xp and 7. Xp for the ease pf access and 7 for the speed Big Grin
    sorry robert,my fault,new years day and all that

    I run Mac osx 10.6.8.

    i was looking for a new laptop and for sure would have installed ubuntu on it,i like the whole concept behind linux,but then a mate of mine gave me this macbook pro,so i'm kinda stuck with it[Image: bad-image.png]
    Can you even put Linux on a Mac?

    Wildcard is awesome.
    xp would be my favourite,i hate windows vista
    Vista sucks. I don't think anybody likes it.

    Anybody remember Windows Me? Terrible shite

    Wildcard is awesome.
    no and i don't want to remember windows 98 either

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