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  • TV Favorite Stand Up Comedy Clips
    I love Norm MacDonald. This is probably my favorite bit of all time. Be warned, this one bit is over twelve minutes long Tongue

    Post your favorite stand up comedy clips or discuss stand up comedy/comedians here.
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    I love Norm! One of my all time favorites...

    I have a lot of people, but someone I've really been into lately is Bill Burr. He's a guy like Norm who can talk off the cuff and be funny.

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    Seems topical...Norm on Bill Cosby XD


    Let's not forget one of the all-time best...
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    Okay, I'm sure you've seen this @LZA, but this is my favorite ever Jerry Seinfeld clip.

    Kills me every time.
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    HA, I actually never seen that clip. TBH, I was not too much of a Seinfeld fan... Never really cared too much for the show. It was probably just OK... I'd watch it if there was nothing else On. Friends was much better.

    But the clip you shared was a pleasant surprise.

    Another one that should not be forgotten is George Carlin:

    He's up there with Murphy, Prior, and the other gods
    Okay, this isn't exactly a standup comedian, but this another acceptance speech that I love so much:

    Will Ferrell accepting the Mark Twain Award:


    Can't forget Kinison.

    The only part I didn't like was his famous yell... Completely unnecessary; very funny without it!
    Do you guys remember the old days on HBO? Every new year's eve they'd do a comedy marathon...I used to love it...

    1/2 hour specials, I think...

    On another note, one of the funniest guys I know is Joey Diaz. He's as funny talking off the cuff as he is a standup. He grew up as a fuck up who changed his life... Something I'm trying to emulate.

    He's kinda Artie Lang'ish... in that way...

    Another reason I owe a lot to Joe Rogan podcast... To me, Rogan is a better podcaster than a comedian... But he did uncover Carlos Mencia as a joke thief...

    Joey is a real dude.

    here is is going off on his hatred of ranch dressing, and pot..

    I fucking love Joey, @LZA. I found about him from the Rogan podcast.

    Also, I agree with you that Joe is funny, but much better at interviewing people and worrying the shit out of Jamie Tongue

    We can't forget the king:

    Mitch Hedberg Lays Out the Perfect Pizza Franchise


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