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    @LZA I only watched hotboxin with Mickey Rourke. Mickey was the sexiest man of the 80s/early 90s. He was incredibly beautiful. He was beyond hot! Every move, every pose perfect! Marlon Brando of his generation. Mickey Rourke can convey more in an "expression" than most actors can with 30min of dialogue. In 9 1/2 Weeks, he was just....Wow! He was and is my favorite actor, with the most beautiful face and eyes and lips and body. Also attitude like real men should supposed to look. I love him very much.

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    @Stella 1977

    You have to admit he hasn't aged well...
    @LZASad...Mickey Rourke was such a handsome man before plastic surgery. He got his face all destroyed in his professional boxing career during the 90s that's why he got plastic surgery. He destroyed himself for NOTHING ! He was the sexiest men in Hollywood. Its truly sad and baffling what he did to himself. That makes me so sad because he doesn’t look anything like himself anymore. Poor Mickey. He was and still is loved by many, its sad when people even get botox. Men and women need to stop giving their money to these Doctors. Its not only unnecessary but it ruins peoples faces and doesn't fix whatever they are lacking inside. Plastic surgeons are pieces of shit for not turning down people and instead always being about the money.

    @LZA If he had left himself age gracefully, he would probably be a handsome older man. Should have just left his face alone. He would have been still so handsome. I bet he regrets the operations. Why do all the celebrities do this?
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    @Stella 1977 , Hollywood is on a different planet... I feel bad for him and others who feel they have to do stuff like this to keep up their relevance.

    If I had to do plastic surgery...I'd only get lypo (since no matter how much I diet, I'm built with love handles). I know I could probably diet more...Also, maybe a slight nose shave. Looks like it's fat for my face... Just shave the sides...it's too F-ing wide

    But these celebs have to try and get overhauls to stay young forever... Can't beat genetics. Rogan doesn't have work done (at least I don't think) But his face is bigger from all the HGH/T-replacement

    Meg Ryan is another... extremely cute but looks like a different person.

    I bet it's like peer pressure "the more you get, the more chances for roles.." Yet Hollywood will drop you when it wants to anyway.
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    @LZA Meg Ryan was aging so well, then she went and got the Joker face. So sad. How could someone so cute and adorable as she was during her 'sleepless in seattle' and 'you got mail' days end up looking like an ugly shadow of her previous gorgeous self....hideous plastic surgery and skeletal body makes her look unnatural, and, forgive me, but, even 'freakish'...she saddens me beyond words!

    @LZA You look at old pics of Joe Rogan and his head looks totally normal. Back in the 90's his head looked normal, even a bit small for his body, back when he looked about 170 lbs. Nowadays, he's about 200+ lbs and his head looks like it could have other planets orbiting it. You are right. Taking HGH helps in muscle repair, builds stronger bones, improves sleeping patterns and helps maintain muscle and lose fat when dieting. HGH can also cause your bones, face and intestines to grow.
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    (09-08-2020, 05:25 PM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  his head looks like it could have other planets orbiting it.

    AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH His head as almost doubled in size... his smaller head had full hair. He does look like the man in the moon... I think he's about 210 of muscle.

    Some testosterones can give you moon face or make you grow overall, but not like HGH.
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    @LZA His head, jawline, voice, everything dramatically changed. Here’s a video from him when he was 30, he literally doesn’t look like the same person anymore.

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    [Image: lKKQx44.jpg]  
    I guess with all that muscle he'd look like Betelgeuse if his head didn;t grow...

    The only problem is if he stops working out, his muscle goes away but that big head won't. He'll look like a lollipop!

    Ever see this?

    Who Are These Podcasts?
    Karl and a rotating cast of guest hosts offer their opinions and...

    These guys go around listening to various podcasts and critique. Kinda funny. A big member of their Hit List is the Stuttering John Podcast; they make fun of him all the time.
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    @Stella 1977

    Since you are a mafia history buff like I am, you probably saw this already...But just in case you didn't
    Sammy the bull interview when he got out of prison

    1:48:30 - He talks about what he's afraid of and Gotti dying
    @LZA Sammy was looking out for Sammy and his narrative about it being John's fault is just his excuse for what he did. He didn't only rat on john but 30 other mobsters that had nothing to with the gambino family. I think he justified why he ratted on john, just not the other mobsters

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